March 4, 2024

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‘US warns chip industry about restricting access to Russian raw materials’ – Computer – News

Except for your final statement, I totally agree with you.

Asking them to admit it themselves is not going to help. Approaching them will help them get out of their bombs instead of pushing them into their “fight or fly” instinct.

Selfish groups, dictators, lunatics, or whatever you call them, are never satisfied with a fair distribution of power, wealth, or well-being. By definition, they always want more than others, otherwise they are not happy and they go to war. And for some, the battlefield is a fundamentalist choice they will never leave.

You are always the one who is pushed into the “fight or flight” position. If you give them a finger, they will take your whole hand. If you shake their hand, they will cut off your whole arm.
They will never give up any power you give them. Any help you give will instantly disappear into the black hole. In return you will not receive anything later.

Exactly this is: “Yes they are // wrong, everyone already knows that.”
Why does a rich and powerful country not accept this? Maybe through a diplomatic diversion? Is that a few million damages the problem?
Truth will always be denied. Resistance is always covered with lies, imprisonment or killing. Opponents fled abroad and remained silent, but their lives were not spared.

Nothing can be done by the Russians about this and any protest will be imprisoned. But precisely in the face of the dictator, democracies must stand on their own ground. If you do not do that, the limit will change immediately. To the dictator, the world is a perpetual war for power.

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The closer democracy gets, the greater the fear of losing or sharing power. The only guideline that a dictator considers sufficient is to cooperate to prevent the emergence of democracy in the neighboring country.