February 1, 2023

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Van der Poel wins after a great fight with Van Aert and Bidcock in Javier Clay: “No revenge, but a nice birthday present” | Cyclocross

CyclocrossTherefore, this account is settled. Mathieu van der Poel absorbed Moll’s disappointment with a big win in Javier Clay. The Dutchman won after an enthralling battle between the ‘big three’ Loot van Aert and Tom Pidcock. “This was one of the most difficult passes we’ve ever had,” said Van der Poel and Van Aert.

look. Van der Poel’s reaction after his victory in Javier

How was Mathieu van der Pol celebrate Christmas? The Dutchman was still full of frustrations on Friday after finishing second in Moll, behind eternal rival Woot van Aert. Disappointment can be read on his face after the cross-over – Van der Poel is simply a born winner. “I’m hoping for better legs, because otherwise I’ll often have to chase Van Aert,” he sighed.

Van der Poel clearly had better legs on Javier. Better legs, but above all the desire to correct something. Holy fire, you know. Despite the heavy circulation, the Dutchman went on the warpath after just a few minutes. Realizing the danger, world champions Bidcock and Van Aert commandeered their carriage. After one round, the match was already reduced to a battle between the “big three”.

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After a hole for Van der Poel, Pidcock was alone in the lead for a while, but MVDP quickly took control again. Pidcock and Van Aert managed to keep appearances for a long time, but on the final laps Van der Poel got them unrestrained. Pidcock in particular fell through and finished third, in Van Aert’s second fight. Moll’s account has been settled. Tomorrow: Part 3 of the year-long clash at Zolder. bring it.

Interactions. Van der Poel and Van Aert in unison: “One of the most difficult passes we’ve ever had”

Matteo van der Poel got his revenge in Javier, even though he didn’t want to say it himself. After the cross, he said, “That sure is a nice Christmas present.” “It’s not really revenge, but I just wanted to do better. It was very tough, one of the toughest races I’ve ever been in. But it was fun. I got my hands full with Wout and Pidcock, you have to be 100 percent to beat those two. It Now 2-1 against Van Aert? I’m not into it. I don’t know if it’s relevant either. We just want to be at Hogerhead (Where the World Cup will be held, ed.) Put a dash behind our name.”

After winning last Friday’s Mall, Wout van Aert had to accept second place this time around. He was candid: “I didn’t really have the best legs.” “I had to be on the defensive from the start and never really felt like I got into the race. So I was shocked that I stayed so close to first, while struggling with myself. All the better if I finished second.” Van Aert also conceded. “It was very tough, one of the hardest races I have ever been in. The encouragement of the crowd was a motivation to keep giving.”

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Van Anrouge wins again

In the absence of Wim van Embel, the tenth round of the Javier Women’s World Cup led to a duel between Shereen van Anrooy and Beck Pieters. Van Anroy won, but Lucinda Brand, who was at her best again (having rehabilitated from a metatarsal fracture), squeezed herself between the two youngsters. On the heavy muddy course – the ladies only completed four laps – Pieters took the best start. Then Van Anrouge continued and talked about her compatriot. Peters fought back, but lost contact after a physical malfunction. In the final, Powerful Brand in turn closed the gap on Van Anrooy, whose strokes of pure power ultimately made the difference. Van Empel remains a comfortable World Cup leader. Peters is getting close to forty points. (Dinar)

Shireen Van Anroy was also Javier's best female suit.

Shireen Van Anroy was also Javier’s best female suit. © Photo News

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