November 29, 2022

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Vandenbet on Club Brugge's win: "Antwerp is of a different caliber than Anderlecht"

Vandenbet on Club Brugge’s win: “Antwerp is of a different caliber than Anderlecht”

The opening day of the play-off games for the Champions is over. The verdict: The St-Giloise union leader reconfirmed his victory in the Brussels derby, and Club Brugge narrowly won by three points. Peter Vandenbet gives his view on Club Brugge’s performance at Spurs.

Club Brugge was full of strong Royal Antwerp FC. Vandenbet noticed this, too. The analyst wrote that “Club Brugge had an opponent of a different caliber than Anderlecht with Antwerp.” sporza† Antwerp played well and seemed to want to show that she also wanted to play a part in the final round.

Antwerp certainly hasn’t played an easy game. Brian Briskey’s team played well and probably deserved a point. “The win was like a goal: lucky.” The Antwerp performance is likely to give Brugge hope that the Etihad visit to the brown owl will not be an easy move either.

Vandenbet believes Club Brugge can count on some strong individual performances. Clinton died the mighty and the mighty Noe Lang. The latter could play a major role in Club Brugge’s bid for union. “It was a good victory for Brugge, without a lot of frills, so you can get off Antwerp and stay in the flow,” Vandenbet concludes.

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