May 28, 2024

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Vandenbroek: "70% of Covid patients have been vaccinated in Flemish hospitals, and 60% are in intensive care."

Vandenbroek: “70% of Covid patients have been vaccinated in Flemish hospitals, and 60% are in intensive care.”

In the week from Saturday 16 October to Friday 22 October, 54.4% of patients in hospitals in Belgium were fully vaccinated, that is, 385 out of 708. Breakdown by region: 39.2% of patients in Brussels (47 out of 120); 70.9% of Patients in Flanders (236 out of 333) and 40% of patients in Wallonia (102 out of 255).

Moreover, the numbers do not distinguish between patients admitted to intensive care due to infection with the Corona virus or due to another disease but with Covid infection. In the same week, 46.7% of patients in intensive care were fully vaccinated (70 out of 150). Broken down by region, these percentages come to 22.2% in Brussels (6 out of 27); 60% in Flanders (39 out of 65), and 43.1% in Wallonia (25 out of 58). Which replied Frank Vandenbroek yesterday on Parliament’s Public Health Committee for a question from the opposition Kathleen DeBouter (N-VA).


The story that Alexandre de Croo (Open VLD) gave the population during the State of the Union two weeks ago is more accurate to say the least. It certainly wasn’t a “vaccinated epidemic” in hospitals last week. This is, by the way, the head of the intensive care department at the Saint-Luc Hospital in Brussels, Pierre Francois Latert, early October Already noted: There are now nearly three groups that end up in hospital with the virus.

One of them is unvaccinated, most often an immigrant. In addition, there are people with immune problems who do not respond adequately to the vaccine, and the third important group are the elderly who received their vaccine last winter, and who are less resistant to the virus due to their advanced age. This analysis seems to support Vandenbroucke’s numbers in any case: Vaccines continue to work, but in Flanders with an older population, the risk factors for patients often outweigh the individual protection of the vaccine.

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The main reason Vandenbroek gave for declaring the new state of emergency is somewhat ambiguous. Hospitals fear a combination of the flu pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic this winter. Vandenbroucke also cited advice from Risk Advice Group (RAG) on which the emergency would be built, something that Pledge MP Sophie Merckx (PVDA) has been broaching without a solid answer. At the time of going to the press, editors were breakthrough Don’t take this advice yet.