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Vanzier shoots the Union sharply in the lead with three, the very tamed Standard gets four rounds |  Jupiler Pro League

Vanzier shoots the Union sharply in the lead with three, the very tamed Standard gets four rounds | Jupiler Pro League

Jupiler Pro LeagueUnion Standard gave a suit to the pants. Dante Vanzer (23) crowned himself King of Saint-Gilles with three goals. But how vulnerable are those roaches, for example?

Small streets, stalls with beer and burgers, six thousand fans, a beautiful theater at the Stade Joseph Marien.

A stadium steeped in nostalgia.

As long as Standard could keep up with appearances – the people of Liege got off to a strong start.

But then the union firmly controlled the match.

Partly because of bad football from the roaches. So lax, guys.

Sissako played poorly, and Undav easily let himself aside, which meant that Peters had to make a mistake in the penalty area.


Nielsen’s free kick was blocked, and the Dane hit a mark in reaction – a great goal.

What the standard showed hurts the eyes. Lack of courage, lack of ability to play football, very low quality. The enthusiasm seemed to be lacking.

Strikers Amal Allah and Klaus were not found and the midfield was crossed.

After 28 minutes, Amal scored the visitors for the first time. About ten meters above the goal of Anthony Morris.

Duden Park enjoyed the host team. Their coach Phyllis Matsuo as well – does it again anyway.

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Nielsen is still going away after a nice attack. But after a minute Vanzer doubled the score. Peters intervened poorly, Lenin crossed, and the striker entered.

Record coach Leye interfered in the first half. He made three substitutions, bringing more attack-minded players between the lines. Hoping to turn the tide.

It yielded absolutely nothing. Al Ittihad remained the best team. long drive.



Five minutes into the second half, Vanzer finished the whole match with his second goal of the evening. He took advantage of the second position. completely separate.

Vanzier has four goals in his last three games. Roberto Martinez wrote his name in his pamphlet. why not? A good football player. She slept in Saint-Gilles under Mazzu’s wing.

The norm was exceeded for eighty minutes. He was simply dismissed by a team that aroused enthusiasm.



Twenty minutes before the end, Vanzer completed a hat-trick. It was completely fired again in the second post.

Lenin narrowly missed the result of the loss.

Leye helplessly watched from the sidelines. Day off from Rocher. That good start to the season has already been forgotten.

Furthermore: Tribute to the Union Saint-Gilles.

Greetings to the fans of Brussels.

A nostalgic tribute to Duden Park.

Who doesn’t jump, isn’t San Gilo.

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