February 21, 2024

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Verizon Business refreshes the BlueJeans platform - EMERCI

Verizon Business refreshes the BlueJeans platform – EMERCI

Verizon Business has raised the bar for flexible collaboration and today introduced the updated BlueJeans platform for the hybrid workplace. A new integrated virtual office around BlueJeansSpaces has been launched. This new collaboration platform is designed to provide a seamless virtual environment for teams to get great work done from anywhere.

The pandemic has forever changed what it means to be “at work”. Simply put, work is no longer a place you go, it’s what you do. Tami Irwin, CEO of Verizon Business, said much of this transformation has been achieved by finding new ways of working for the digital age. “By taking BlueJeans to the next level and building innovative applications like Spaces, we are one step closer to creating a truly unified digital work experience for organizations of all sizes and their employees, whether they work inside or outside the office walls.”

Discover, chat and collaborate with BlueJeans Spaces
According to a recent global survey by Momentive of more than 5,000 respondents, spontaneous conversations with colleagues are the most missed, with 43.5% of respondents admitting that their efforts to maintain a team culture as a mixed team have failed.

With the introduction of Spaces, BlueJeans is redefining what virtual collaboration means in a hybrid work environment. This office experience creates an organic, individual, and holistic workflow for teams to work on, animate, or simply hang ideas together in real time.

There are a lot of people who miss the spontaneous conversations at the coffee machine. 82.3% of respondents admitted that they often had informal conversations with their colleagues. Spaces provides users with an extensive catalog of customizable layouts to virtually mimic the physical experience of a co-working space. Colored presence indicators show who’s in the room open for conversation, who’s talking, and who doesn’t want to be disturbed. To further simulate the personal experience, “Spatial Audio” provides a realistic sense of closeness. This means that people sitting close to each other in the virtual space will hear each other more clearly than anyone sitting across the room.

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Besides the various communication modes – from messaging and voice to video chat, 2D without overhead and 3D without a headset – users can customize BlueJeans Spaces and switch between modes to collaborate automatically or communicate effortlessly without the monotony of scheduled back-to-back video meetings.

Freedom to be creative with an always accessible collaboration panel
While the past 18 months have shown that employee productivity can be maintained in a remote or blended work structure, it has also become clear that promoting effective collaboration can be a challenge in a typical virtual meeting environment. Nearly 40% of hybrid workers say they are considering quitting their jobs because they feel they are doing the same thing over and over again.

The new BlueJeans Collaboration Board transcends the strengths and limitations of existing virtual whiteboard solutions. The solution promotes teamwork by bringing ideas, ideas, and content together in a single repository for continuous brainstorming. The Collaboration Panel is designed to encourage creativity, flexibility, and sharing, and enables users to pick up where they left off anytime, anywhere on any device.

Users can open a new collaboration panel individually or from within Spaces. This allows teams to efficiently develop ideas and manage and store their work. This way progress is better tracked, mutual agreement can be reached and the work is more effective. By adding a live indicator for real-time employee recognition, users have access to a variety of tools and can add images, sticky notes, or screenshots that can help visually explain ideas and keep work items on track. Since hybrid work takes place at any hour of the day, this infinity board provides plenty of room to develop the best ideas further.

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More possibilities and flexibility with BlueJeans meetings
For hybrid teams that need flexibility, control, and interaction at scale, BlueJeans’ latest meeting update is designed to support rich use cases for large groups of people.

BlueJeans Meetings latest features include:

– 1000-person meetings: With increased meeting capacity, customers can now welcome up to 1,000 fully active participants to a collaborative meeting.

Audio Lock: The all-new Audio Lock feature allows hosts to mute all participants to reduce potential interruptions.

Open Breakout Sessions: Participants in large groups can take advantage of BlueJeans’ new Open Breakouts feature. This gives them the freedom to choose which sessions they want to attend.

Providing flexibility for people working remotely is the solution to increasing productivity and happiness in the workplace. By creating a virtual space where teams can work together using all the necessary tools in one place, BlueJeans tackles a major hurdle in today’s mixed work culture.

More information is available at Bluejeans.com/next-gen-bluejeans.

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