February 27, 2024

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Vermeeren's lawyer explains how the deal was reached with Atletico: “Suddenly things accelerated”

Vermeeren's lawyer explains how the deal was reached with Atletico: “Suddenly things accelerated”

In the space of a few days, Arthur Vermeeren's life changed forever. From a familiar environment to a big European club in a big city. During the exciting week, lawyer Sebastian Ledor was always at the young midfielder's side. After the formal presentation, he looked again at the file. “Things suddenly accelerated last weekend,” LeDore said.

Suddenly things moved very quickly for Arthur Vermeeren.

Within a week, the first rumors of his move to Atletico Madrid turned into a concrete deal. Difficult days for the Red Devil, as well as for Sebastian Ledor.

The Belgian lawyer held negotiations in Madrid with Abi Vermeeren and also boarded a plane to the Spanish capital twice in recent days. On Monday afternoon, he watched with pride as Vermeeren was introduced to his new club.

“However, it was never certain whether Arthur would leave this transfer window or not,” says Ledor, who previously supervised Romelu Lukaku in the transfer window. “There has been interest for months, but last weekend things suddenly accelerated with Atletico.”

Nor was Atletico the only hijacker on the Belgian Pearl Coast. “On the contrary, it showed different clubs. Teams of the same level as Atletico, the level was immediately raised.”

Vermeeren has already been presented in Madrid.


Why then Atletico Madrid? A win-win situation for all stakeholders, as it turns out.

“The club had clearly indicated that they now wanted reinforcements in the midfield, Antwerp were looking for a transfer, and Arthur himself made a considered choice for the club that best suited him and represented his greatest sporting opportunity,” explains Ledor.

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Vermeeren received no guarantees on playing minutes. He added, “But the club clearly indicated that it needs him and depends on him. It has always been said explicitly – by the coach as well – that it is not about his age, but rather about his performance on the (training) field.”

Soon even in a new and complex training field. “This project also shows that this club aims high and continues to be ambitious.”

Arthur also showed himself to be mature during the negotiations.

Sebastian Ledor, lawyer Vermeeren

However, it was not just a matter of choosing his mind, Vermeeren's heart also became devoted to the Spanish team.

Perhaps the best example of this is his description of giants Atletico Madrid as a “family club” in his performance.

“At first glance this may seem a strange statement, because it concerns one of the three biggest clubs in Spain, but here the people – from the sporting staff to the board of directors – have their feet on the ground and their heart for this club.”

It's a feeling Vermeeren also felt at the drawing board, because make no mistake: he was already intimately involved in the negotiations.

“There was a lot of consultation with his parents and Arthur himself, and he is also very mature in this area. He showed a real interest in the contractual side of the file and challenged everyone with questions. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Vermeeren was already on the bench this weekend.

Euro 2024

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But now the real work must begin for Vermeeren himself.

Our compatriot was unbeatable in Antwerp, but now finds himself in a highly competitive environment. This is only a few months before the European Championship.

“The timing is less surprising than you might think,” Ledor explains. “Arthur is fully aware of the need for further development. This decision is an important step in that direction.”

“There is also a lot more pressure on a new player at the start of the season. Here and now he can adapt straight away and start his pre-season without very high expectations.”

An option for the future then. Not necessarily in the short term. “But the sky is the limit for Arthur,” his lawyer concludes hopefully.