December 4, 2022

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Vertonghen, Ness and Evenenboel's fiancé support Van der Poel: "I doubt I would respond differently" |  Cycling

Vertonghen, Ness and Evenenboel’s fiancé support Van der Poel: “I doubt I would respond differently” | Cycling

The Van der Poel case continues to resonate. The whole thing also gives rise to conflicting opinions. The Red Devil Jan Vertonghen is already aware of the Dutchman’s reaction. Anderlecht’s defender posted a support tweet this morning, fiancée Remco Evenepoel did so yesterday, and Sven Nys and Zico Waeytens defended the MVDP.

“I wish I could have said I would have done differently than Matthew van der Poel in this situation,” Jan Vertonghen said. “But I doubt it.”

Omaima Rayana, the fiancée of Remko Evenpoel, also shared her understanding yesterday.

“I wish Mathieu and Roxanne a lot of courage,” she writes. “You wouldn’t wish this to anyone! Months of sacrifice and hard work for that day and if it had to end this way… I hope they can put this behind them soon.”

Then Sven Ness shared a video of him teaching a beer throw pro. He wrote, “We all make mistakes in life.” “A reckless reaction sometimes. If we eventually learn something from it and respond differently, the bullying behavior will be punished, not the victim.”

Zico Waeytens also supported the MVDP with a tweet

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