June 18, 2024

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Video clip shows refugees locked in cages in Bulgaria |  Abroad

Video clip shows refugees locked in cages in Bulgaria | Abroad

There was again controversy over the treatment of refugees in Bulgaria. There was already talk of immigrants being locked in a dirty cage for days, and now pictures of this have surfaced for the first time. Earlier this week, a video actually surfaced showing a refugee being shot at the border.


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The European border control agency Frontex had already launched an investigation after reports that Bulgarian police officers had locked migrants and refugees in cages. The United Nations has already expressed its concern.

An investigation by Lighthouse Report and various European media shows that in Bulgaria on the border with Turkey, migrants and refugees have been locked in cages. This could have happened with the knowledge of the Frontex agents.

Frontex told AFP it takes the allegations seriously and will investigate them. According to the French newspaper Le Monde, at least 34 people were supposed to be in such a cage between mid-October and the end of November. The newspaper said the makeshift cage was “made of iron bars and strewn with rubbish, visible from the street”.

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Le Monde also spoke to four men, Syrian and Afghan, who said they were locked up when they were caught trying to enter Bulgaria.

Video shows refugees in cages in Bulgaria © VTM News

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