February 1, 2023

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Voices and Deephouse Spindle unite as Voices

Telecom company Voys is partnering with software company Devhouse Spindle. The parties will continue together as Voys. Organizations want to make a bigger impact and have been working from one office since December 2022.

The former Devhouse Spindle consists of developers, builds and maintains the cloud telephony platform that Voys customers use to call. Mark Flitter, founder of the two companies, which together employ about 140 people: “Voys and Devhouse Spindle have grown closer in recent years. We now share our strategy, the systems and tools we work with. So the merger is the next logical step.”

Customer promise and greater impact

Vletter continues: “One of the agreements we have with Voys customers is this: to develop our services for and with our customers. Consolidation means customer feedback gets to telephony platform developers faster.”

VOIZE is a purposeful organization. “This means that we pay attention to our impact on the environment and society,” explains Vletter. “Our goal is to bridge the digital divide to give more people access to free communications. We do that with our organization 48percent.org.”

together in one office

Last month, the two companies moved in together. Vletter: “In the past two years we have switched to hybrid work. It doesn’t matter where our colleagues work: in the office, from home, in a coffee shop or on the other side of the world. The consequence of this way of working is that we are rarely in the office together, which is why That two office spaces just got too big.”

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Voys is still located in the Het Kwadraat business park in Groningen, but is no longer on the second floor. Voys now has an office on the ground floor, in the place where the Devhouse Spindle used to be. The new office has been designed as a flexible workplace and a meeting place for all colleagues.

Voyage Festival

Voys will not let the merger go unnoticed. “We think it’s important to think about the beautiful,” says Feltaire. That is why we will soon organize a Voys festival for partners and colleagues. It’s a moment to look back and look forward, we’d love to do that together during a good party! Voys Festival takes place in March.