May 28, 2024

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Voor Waards criticizes Stroopwafel’s “meager” thank you gift for caregivers

Voor Waards criticizes Stroopwafel’s “meager” thank you gift for caregivers

The opposition party VoorWaards has critical comments about the evaluation of informal welfare appreciation in the municipality of Hoeksche Waard. Informal caregivers received “only” a packet of weed; Voor Waards now wonders if the assessment gives an accurate picture of that assessment.

Voor Waards Hoeksche Waard fears that the board has missed the mark and that it is not clear enough how informal carers think about the changing form of assessment. Last year, the municipality switched from gift vouchers to a box containing, among other things, stroopwafels, after which discontent arose and some informal caregivers began petitioning. The petitioners represent a few hundred informal caregivers. They asked the Executive Board to think carefully about the form of the estimate. This was promised, but then the group was never contacted again.

VoorWaards opposition party has now submitted questions about the assessment to the board. In recent weeks, an agency conducted an €11,000 survey among informal carers, which focused only to a limited extent on annual informal care.evaluation. On the other hand, most of the attention has gone to an information point for informal carers. In addition, it appears that not all registered informal caregivers received an invitation to take the survey and the link in the letter did not work either. As a result, not everyone was able to complete the questionnaire.

Council Member Eileen Rudd

Chancellor Eileen Rudd laments this:The survey is now closed. After that, only 8 people are chosen to talk about this. This way there can be no question about a representative study and wonder about the value of the results. It is likely that a conversation with the initiators of the petition will lead to more information.”

In December 2022, VoorWaards asked the college to provide gift vouchers in lieu of stroopwafels in appreciation of the informal sponsorship. However, the coalition parties did not like this. The council member announced that an evaluation was taking place and indicated that the petitioners would participate. Unfortunately, the latter did not happen.

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