May 28, 2024

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Waldemar Dorenstra is another celebrity who filmed his road trip through America

Waldemar Dorenstra is another celebrity who filmed his road trip through America

America upside downImage BNNVARA

Waldemar Dorenstra travels through America with a camera. It’s been done so many times that you can feel free to turn it into a question on pimbambat: Name the celebrity who made a road trip across the US. If you flip the T, the answer is Tijs van den Brink. L? Leo Blueguis. With an E it’s Eva Zinek. or Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal.

Dorenstra previously worked at BNNVara On a motorcycle through Africa, it was unsuccessful. The clich├ęs were there for the taking, and risk again in America was certainly life-size. The start from the tent with its view of Manhattan was not ideal.

Because it turned out well this time Reversed by America It has its own new perspective: Indigenous Peoples ‘From New York to the Ancient Inca Empire in Peru’. We don’t see much about this in the history books. Thriving cultures were decimated by European diseases, and colonists like the seventeenth-century Dutch found only sad remnants. Dorenstra: “Like you describe Europe after World War II by visiting concentration camps.”

In the centuries that followed, the natives remained in a dark corner. Dorenstra spoke to the downtrodden and oppressed ancient leaders. They spoke proudly of how their cultures had endured, although they were often decorated with a strange spectacle All Americans Baseball cap.

It was already enough to make the gray cells work. Were democratic ideals such as women’s rights passed down from Native American tribes to Enlightenment philosophers like Rousseau and Voltaire who read about them in missionaries’ accounts? Dorenstra speaks forcefully of ‘our settlers’ as responsible for the tragic fate of indigenous peoples. Should the Dutch do something about it?

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The choice between the well-trodden path and the new was already given a face on Friday by an elimination race that looked promising at first glance. Unknown. Two teams always come to a crossroads: do they choose a familiar path or an uncertain alternative that might give an advantage, but maybe not?

This leads to fascinating discussions and group processes. These are the predicaments Dorenstra finds himself in and we as viewers can count it lucky that he didn’t choose the familiar path.

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