June 14, 2024

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Walking with dogs in Iran is a "crime" |  Abroad

Walking with dogs in Iran is a “crime” | Abroad

Iranian police said that walking dogs in Iran are now against the law. Tehran Police Chief Hossein Rahimi said today that walking dogs in parks is “illegal and a crime”. “Citizens can report violations to the police,” the president said.

Iranian police are in a legal battle with dog owners. Even when dogs disturb peace in residential areas, according to the police chief, the 110th must be reported to the police, Khabar-Online news portal writes.

Since last month, dogs have been officially banned in Iran in parks and green spaces. In this way, the authorities want to create “more public safety,” she said. But so far, dog owners have not complied with this ban. They, like Iranian animal rights advocates, think the measures are excessive.

At the end of November, another proposal was on the table of the Iranian parliament regarding a ban on the acquisition and sale of pets. This is what the International Iran website wrote. According to the proposal, a fine of 790 euros should be imposed on those who sell, import or keep some pets. In mid-July, the site talked about a bill in the Iranian parliament that would require dog owners to apply for a permit.

In Shiite Iran, pets are not welcome in some segments of society, especially among the hard-line religious class. Dogs in Islam are seen as “impure” and are said to be a symbol of “Westernization”. However, in recent years, not only in rural areas, but also in cities there are more and more pets and there are more veterinary clinics and shops.

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