February 26, 2024

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Want to heat up a meal quickly?  You should pay attention to this!

Want to heat up a meal quickly? You should pay attention to this!

It was accidentally cooked or worked too much Meal preparation? Food storage is a good option to prevent food waste. But there are some things to keep in mind when reheating your meal.

two o'clock

Of course your meal is always delicious, but have you kept it out of the refrigerator for two hours or more? You run the risk of containing bacteria that will make you sick. These bacteria are only present when the food is at room temperature. Not sure how long a meal will last out of the refrigerator? When in doubt, throw it away.

Reheat small portions

When you divide your food into smaller portions, it also heats up faster. He. She Nutrition center Reports indicate that small parts heat up much faster than large parts because heat passes through them more easily. You should also never double-heat leftovers.

Stir through

The nutrition center also tells you that you should stir the food dish well while it is heating. The heat is evenly distributed this way, which is not only delicious, but also good for your health. Even heat ensures that bacteria are killed faster. This is a good thing, because those same bacteria can make you sick more quickly. Stirring your meal is always a good idea, even if you put your plate in the microwave with a turntable.

Boxes full of boxes

Most likely she will keep you leftovers In a tray. But do you cover these containers with cling film? Then it's time to get airtight fresh food containers. You can store your food in it for a longer period and it reduces the risk of disease-carrying bacteria. When less air reaches your food, bacteria grow less quickly. Therefore, do not use one large container to store everything, but rather choose several small containers that allow as little air as possible.

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Aluminum foil

For delicious oven meals, cover the dish with aluminum foil. Your meal won't dry out and the top will be nice and crunchy. Please note: You can never use this tip in the microwave! Aluminum burns in this and there is a risk of fire.


Always use the correct proportions. Do you heat a meal in the microwave? Food heated at higher temperatures requires less time in the microwave. Do you prefer to heat your meal at a low temperature? Then of course it will take a little longer. In the oven, it's a different story: Keep in mind that leftovers need to be heated in the oven for (almost) as long as it takes to prepare the same meal. For example, lasagna should be left in the oven for half an hour when reheating, just as it is during preparation.