March 4, 2024

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Want to impress your guests?  These discount cookbooks will help you |  My guide

Want to impress your guests? These discount cookbooks will help you | My guide

HLN StoreChristmas involves food. Eat a lot. In the absence of a team of elves, it is usually ourselves, with or without joint efforts, who ensure that this feast appears on the table at the required time. If you’re looking to elevate your Christmas meal above tired weeknight pasta or fondue, you can fortunately draw on the arsenal of festive recipes sent out into the world by top chefs year after year. For those who could use a touch of inspiration, search HLN Store On to the best Christmas promotions in the land of cookbooks.

The perfect dinner without any effort

Want to serve restaurant-worthy dishes without having to take an extra day off? Then nutritionist and famous cookbook author Pascal Niessens is your saving angel. With her accessible, healthy, and, above all, very delicious recipes, you’ll impress your friends, your enemies, and your culinary aunt, just as much as your critical father-in-law or your unappetizing nieces and nephews.

Pascal’s latest achievement bears this title Something Pascal It introduces you to the TV chef’s fictional restaurant. As in many of her other books, you can expect a bouquet of pure, refined recipes that will have you reaching for your cookware with pleasure. This is complemented with various tips – from product information to table arrangements – to ensure you don’t miss anything from your festive meal.

For obvious reasons, can’t choose from Pascal’s range of must-have cookbooks? Especially at Christmas, we ease the pain of choice and donate every copy of the classic book Pure food One free cookbook away. As icing on the cake, we were able to reveal two festive recipes for these toppers at the bottom of this article…

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1+1 procedure: Shop “Pure food” cookbook by Pascale Naessens now and get her book “Pure food 2” for free.

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Choose 2 in 1: delicious and responsible

This Christmas 2023, sustainability is a must, and a green mentality is seeping into our kitchens. The vegan lifestyle, based on local and preferably organic produce, is gaining ground, and there’s a good chance an environmentally conscious guest will also join you at your Christmas dinner. You can hereby pardon the traditional Christmas turkey.

If vegan Christmas cooking sounds like a challenge, just browse through one of the many vegan cookbooks popping up like mushrooms. You’ll soon notice that cooking and baking without products of animal origin is no more difficult than, say, stuffing poultry or making sabayon.

For example, just appeared Easy vegetarian (44% off), an inspiring collection of achievable recipes from the colorful kitchen of Mildred’s restaurants in London. But also Delicious sustainable food (46% off) Highly recommended by landscape ecologist and food stylist Martin Kintrup. In addition to delicious, responsible recipes, you’ll find plenty of tips for greening your kitchen, including growing your own herbs and vegetables, shopping without plastic and getting creative with leftovers. This way all your good intentions are immediately ready for 2024.

Choose a green Christmas with Easy vegetarian And Delicious sustainable food.

Crockett in the lead role

The discount (10%) may not be too big with this promotion, but the catch is: After all, Christmas without croquettes is like New Year without fireworks. Title Crockett That’s not a lie: it’s all about the croquettes here. This is also the case with many Christmas lists. Young and old agree that there’s nothing better than homemade croquettes.

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Fortunately, this ultimate Christmas meal isn’t as difficult to prepare as you might think. Nico and Kathleeni, of croquette brand Stuff’d, provide you with no less than 40 recipes for rolling and baking your own – gorgeous – croquettes, step by step. Prepare to receive an equal amount of compliments and keep the book handy, because it may not be the last time you serve up these addictive artisanal delicacies.

buying here Your copy of Crockett.

Want more inspiration? Here you will find all (discounted) cookbooks from the HLN Shop.

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