April 17, 2024

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WATCH: Burgess throws a throw-in into Tolo's face and turns red: “What is he doing wrong?”

WATCH: Burgess throws a throw-in into Tolo's face and turns red: “What is he doing wrong?”

Did frustration take over for a moment? Christian Berges received a red card in the final stage against Genk. The Al-Ittihad defender threw a throw-in directly into the face of striker Tolo. He is in danger of having to spend some games on the bench, which would be a disincentive in the title race.

It was not Christian Borges' night. The Al-Ittihad defender committed some defensive errors and in the end was no longer able to control his frustrations.

During a quick throw-in, he threw the ball straight into Tolu's face. Referee Nicolas LaForge did not hesitate and immediately pulled the red card, Borges' first direct red card in the Jupiler Pro League.

Alessio Castro Montes thought he was too strict. “He deliberately threw Tolo, but I think red is too strict. Maybe the umpire was guided by his feelings,” he said.

Charles Vanhoutte was less confident. He said: “The VAR did not intervene, so perhaps the red card was justified.”

What about the coach? Alexander Belsen also opined that Burgess had a difficult evening. The coach said, “If you see how much he talks to the referee… sometimes it is too much. I always protect my players, but this was not a very good situation.”

It's an additional disincentive for Blesen, who doesn't have a lot of options in the defensive room. MacAllister and Leysen are injured, so Burgess may miss commentary like he has a toothache.

Sonic: “What's Burgess doing wrong?”

Burgess' red card was of course also a talking point in extra time. Wesley Sunke joins Castro Monti: red was not necessary.

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“I think he's just throwing,” he said. “What's he doing wrong? That's the question. He's not smart, but is he doing something wrong? You can throw. Is that in the rules?”

“This stage is not within the regulations,” laughs Philip Goss. “You can interpret it as a judgment and say this is over. Just, is it over?”

Goss describes the fact that it took 451 games for Burgess to pick up his first red card “one of the wonders of the world”. “He can play a perfectly acceptable maximum, except for today.”