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We asked Action about Spain’s future plans

We asked Action about Spain’s future plans

It looked so promising, Action Stores have been opening soon in Spain since 2022. The first Spanish Action store opened in Girona on February 17, 2022 and there are now four stores, all in Catalonia, but it has been quiet since the last opening on April 14. What happened, will there be new branches, as in the only coastal province of Tarragona in Catalonia without an action store? We asked Action Start-Up’s Managing Director and Growth Leader in Spain Monique Groeneveld.

It started well in 2022 in Spain, not only because it was the first time that the Dutch chain had opened stores in Spain, but also because the chain had opened four stores in about two months. At the moment, they are all located in Catalonia, namely in Girona (opened on February 17), Sabadell (March 3) and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (March 17), where the newest store was the branch in Figueres (April 14) ) . Two shops in the province of Barcelona and two shops in the province of Girona. Is it now the turn of the states of Tarragona or Lleida in Catalonia?

We asked Action Start-Up General Manager in charge of expansion in Spain Monique Groeneveld about plans for Action stores in Spain.

Will there be more Action Stores in Spain?

Yes, there will be more Action Stores in Spain. Since the first four stores in Spain were successful from day one, we at Action decided to expand further into Spain. We are currently busy organizing new branches and more information will be announced in the coming months. We will tell readers of “Spain Today” right away.

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Where will the new Action Stores open in Spain?

For now, we are focused on opening more stores in Catalonia. We started Action in Spain in this autonomous region due to the south of France, where Action also has stores and distribution center. Thus, northeastern Spain is located at a strategic distance from the existing infrastructure, which makes the supply of Action stores in Catalonia faster and easier.

However, because after the first six months in Action, we have already noticed that Spanish residents are catching up with Action formula with always changing products and at the lowest prices, we are considering opening Action stores in other autonomous regions.

When will there be new action stores?

In the coming months we will announce more information about when and where the new Action stores will open, unfortunately we can’t say much about that right now. Our goal is to expand in a responsible manner, where the quality of the stores comes first. We will inform SpainToday readers about the new branches in Spain in due course.

Did the people of Spain also find Action Shops?

It’s going very well. We are very happy that we have taken the step to expand in Spain because it is a strategic market with great infrastructure and a strong economy. Our goal is to open more Action stores and for people in the country to learn about Action.

In recent months, we’ve also noticed that residents of Spain care and are willing to pay less for higher quality items. That is why our concept of high quality products at low prices fits perfectly in Spain.

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What are Action’s future plans in Spain?

As for Spain, in the two months since February, we have opened four Action Stores in Girona, Sabadell, Hospitalet and Figueres. All four stores have had success from day one. Our goal now is to make Action known as a brand in Spain, after which we will open more branches in Catalonia and abroad in other regions.

In general, as a non-food store, we are expanding in Europe and want to keep the rhythm in Spain and other countries. To this end, we open our Action Stores in strategic locations in terms of logistics and distribution, because efficient and regular delivery of our products to the stores depends on this.

We know the challenges ahead and we know we need to figure out how to solve them to maintain optimal operating costs that allow us to keep our product prices low. We also focus on using modern and sustainable solutions, for example we have included double decker trailers that allow us to move up to 60% of the cargo. Green technology in distribution centers and stores is a priority for us. We plan to have more and more organic, FSC, BCI, Fairtrade, Organic or UTZ certified products in our stores.

The editors of SpanjeVandaag would like to thank Monique Groeneveld for this interview, which was carried out in collaboration with PR Garage.