May 31, 2024

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'We Played Like Sh*t!': The First Amazon Documentary to Show Angry Then-Crying Ronaldo Upon Liquidation CL |  Champions League

‘We Played Like Sh*t!’: The First Amazon Documentary to Show Angry Then-Crying Ronaldo Upon Liquidation CL | Champions League

Champions LeagueJuventus and Cristiano Ronaldo have already finished their eighth Champions League final last season. The Amazon documentary “All or Nothing” now shows exclusive photos from the dressing room during the first half of the comeback. First, you can see how Cristiano Ronaldo was not kind to himself and his teammates during the break… After the loss, there is a dull misery and ‘CR7’ breaks down in tears.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not have a very good season towards the end of his tenure with Juventus. The old lady saw her dominance in Italy broken by Inter after ten years and already died in the eighth final of the Champions League. Amazon has taken over this poor documentary in the documentary series ‘All or Nothing’ – a documentary that the streaming platform has also shown in Manchester City and Tottenham, among others.

The report also includes exclusive dressing room photos of CL’s comeback against FC Porto. Juventus lost the first leg in Portugal 2-1 and were also halfway at home with 0-1 debt. A frustrating situation, especially for Cristiano Ronaldo. When the Portuguese star entered the dressing room, he did not utter words. “We have to work harder! What f*ck! We didn’t play at all! Nothing!” he grumbled to his teammates.

Fellow striker Juan Cuadrado tried to please Ronaldo, but was unable to stop him. “We have to tell the truth to each other. Let’s face it, we played like sh*t! This is a Champions League match, and we have to show your personality. That goes for myself as well.”

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Ronaldo withdraws after the defeat against Porto. © AP

Andrea Pirlo, former Juventus coach, urged the two teams to calm down. “We have to be calm and patient. We will continue with this winning mentality, but without a quarrel.” However, Ronaldo’s resounding sermon did not have much effect. Juventus still forced extensions, but took a knockout from Sergio Oliveira. Scoring a free kick from distance, Ronaldo was standing in the middle of a wall of three players. But instead of jumping and looking at the ball, Ronaldo turned. Oliveira’s low kick inside the goal disappeared past Chizusny. A dream away in the Champions League, which led to tears in the dressing room. It is unbearable, as if Cree seems to realize that he will never win the championship ball again and certainly not with this Juventus.

Juventus 3-2 Porto

Ronaldo withdraws after the defeat against Porto.

Ronaldo withdraws after the defeat against Porto. © Reuters