April 17, 2024

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Westerlo raises Standard's fears once again with unparalleled flame

Westerlo raises Standard's fears once again with unparalleled flame

  1. 21' – Continue. Marlon Fossey by Hakim Sahbo
  2. 36' – Goal from a penalty kick – Nicolas Madsen (1 – 0)
  3. 45' – Goal – Kostas Laives (1 – 1)
  4. 45+5' – Yellow – Souleymane Doumbia
  1. 46' – Yellow – Jordan Boss
  2. 62' – Goal – Griffin Yeo (2 – 1)
  3. 65' – Continue. Kamal Sawah by Musa Djenepo
  4. 77' – Continue. May God protect you from Nasser Al-Shazly
  5. 81' – continued. Hakim Sahibou by Sidou Fini
  6. 81' – continued. Solomon Doumbia by William Balikwesha
  7. 82' – Continue. Jill Deuel by Jonathan Banzo
  8. 85' – Continue. Griffin U by Ravel Tagir
  9. 85' – Continue. Serhiy Sidorchuk by Dugukan Haspolat
  10. 90+1' – Continue. Romeo Firmante by Mateja Frijan
  11. 90+1' – Continue. Nicholas Madsen by Thomas van den Kebos

Jupiler Pro League – Round 26 – 02/16/24 – 20:46

time icon player home time com. homeIcon com. homePlayer a result awayPlayer awayIcon awayTime


Nicholas Madsen


Nicholas Madsen

1 – 0


Costas Lives

1 – 1

Costas Lives



Griffin Yu


Griffin Yu

2 – 1

Westerlo has put an end to Standard's brief revolution. An unprecedented explosion from Yu helped the home team to a deserved 2-1 win. Standard remain behind with 5 out of 18 under Ivan Leko, and must gradually start to look back with a difficult programme.

Westerlo – standard in short

Man of the match: Who else but the winner of the match should be mentioned here? Griffin Yeo hit the crossbar and net, but was certainly the focal point for the creative Westerlo during the second half.

Key moment: On the clock and with the level of the score, Yu was satisfied. The cruise missile left his foot and flew across the crossbar. This was the highlight of the West's second half, which deservedly raised the profile of the game.

distinct: 6-10-10 are Standard's match statistics this season. It's especially sad in Slijeşin this season, regardless of who takes over the team.

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Nice until Fauci got hurt

A nice opening to the game should have given Westerlo the lead immediately. Sidorchuk found the head of Sayadmanysh, who was heading in a narrow distance. The standard was still asleep, and the Gamecocks were – of course – leading the way.

The match looked fun, but Fauci's injury hampered the action. Standard possession of the ball, no chances for anyone.

Only after half an hour did the pace change thanks to a late kick from Soh and a fall from Yeo. Madsen kicked his eighth straight penalty kick into the left side of the net.

Just before half-time, Standard turned the ball into a goal. Kwabe passed the ball to Kostas Laives in the corner, who leapt over the first post and slotted the ball into the net.

Wipe a slice

So rest with a draw. Westerlo adapted somewhat and then took matters entirely into his own hands.

The second opening quarter was in favor of the home team. There weren't really big chances, although Sayadmanish should have taken more of the chances he had here and there.

Yow came up and slammed the ball into the underside of the crossbar, giving the Gamecocks the lead. Also, the VAR technology did not consider the mistake made by Neustadter at the beginning of the stage clear and obvious.

There wasn't much to the game after the shot. Standard has done what it can, but it can do very little at the moment. There wasn't even a real final attack, just a shot from Palicuesha that was close to dangerous. Crash to the finish line.

That finish line will also come during the season, and it looks like Standard will eat it up there as well. With a difficult path (Union, Gent, Genk, Eupen), all points are expensive and the main hope is a draw between OHL and Charleroi tomorrow. For Westerlo, safety is within reach.

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Match winner Griffin Yeo (Westerlo): “I saw the opportunity and I saw the space, so I took the only option I had. I am very happy with the result. We are not allowed to feel safe yet, this is not allowed yet. “You always have to have that intensity, but these points are really, really important.”

Rick De Mille: “An important step”

Rick De Mel (Westerlo): “I was actually going to replace Griffin Yeo, but sometimes you have to be lucky. I thought he was less involved in the game, but the goal still happened, and then as a coach you have to change plans. But with a goal.” “That's how you like to do it. A lovely evening, but we're not where we need to be yet. This isn't decisive, we have to stay calm but be very happy tonight.”

Ivan Leko (standard): “We were good in the first half, but after the break we started weak and then lost duels in the middle. We were punished with the second goal. We came here with confidence and strength.” Fighting spiritBut it wasn't enough. Westerlo was smarter.

There are details that really need improvement. You have to be ready for the field, you have to be ready to go into it (Sahbo had to change his shoes and Sahabi had to put tape on his socks while changing his shoes, ed.). There are so many problems, there is always something. Sometimes you don't have time to explain basic things, we are not here with u11 or u14. “I can't say that this makes us lose the game, but in football every detail is important.”

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Stage after stage


Then the countdown is over! After the break, Westerlo proved to be the better team on Friday evening. One player stood out with a brilliant header and right foot: Griffin shocked Yeo, flamed up and curled the ball beautifully past Bodart over the crossbar. Standard is still sick and seems to be a moron in operations.

It doesn't work with Standard. Even a defensive move by Alzate resulted in a free kick for the home team. Waste of time at the corner flag.

Just before Westerlo

Depending on the sign, there will be an additional five minutes, but it will likely be more. In Standard, they dance a ridiculous Poznań dance while their team desperately tries to find another opportunity.

5- Extra time

An additional 5 minutes will be added.

Confusion and anger on the sidelines

It's time to leave the slightly injured Firmant, but the management is getting things wrong with the home team. It takes about two minutes to make two substitutions, so it's no wonder Leko and his assistant Bernd Thijs are excited.

The duel in this second half takes place between Vergoote and the ball boy behind the Bolat cage. The young man helps Bulat buy time and throws an extra ball on the field, which Vergut, of course, does not appreciate.


Good shot from Palicuesha, after a great combination with Kwabe. His kick ends up in Bulat's fists. Will there be a final attack from the visitors?

Standard didn't really show anything in this half. With Djenepo, nothing is added until about five minutes from the end. The steps are nice, but we can't really tell if the follow-up is a cross or a shot.