September 21, 2023

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Whaling has reopened in Iceland, despite protests

Whaling has reopened in Iceland, despite protests

Two boats belonging to Hvalur Fishing Company, the last whaling company in the country, killed a fin whale on Thursday. The boats are expected to arrive at the port with their catch on Friday, public broadcaster RUV reported.

Iceland, Norway and Japan are the latest countries to allow whaling. The government in Reykjavík suspended the controversial hunt for two months in June, after publishing a report that concluded the practice contravened animal welfare laws. The killing took a long time.


Despite protests from animal rights activists, the government last week gave the go-ahead for the new season to start. The government has imposed stricter requirements on fishing equipment and methods and promised more oversight. This did not prevent the activists from holding the Hvalur boats for several days.

Whalers have been hunting less than quotas allow for years, due to falling demand for whale meat. Public opinion is also evolving. According to a poll by the Maskina Institute, 51 percent of Icelanders now oppose whaling, compared to 42 percent four years ago. The hunting season ends between late September and early October.

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