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What does a gourmet evening, fondue or raclette mean for your energy bill?  Please note: Look beyond just your consumption costs |  My guide

What does a gourmet evening, fondue or raclette mean for your energy bill? Please note: Look beyond just your consumption costs | My guide

Mining energyEveryone has their own frying pan or skewer, and a table full of meat, fish, vegetables or cheese, and let’s bake! Fondue, gourmet and raclette are among the undisputed classics for a Christmas or end-of-year dinner. Due to the high temperatures and long period of time, these devices naturally consume a large amount of energy. Moreover, the power rating is an additional factor. Mijnenergie.be Makes the invoice.

Written by Kurt Deman, in collaboration with Mijnenergie


What depreciation costs should you expect?

Most electrical stores carry it Raclette and gourmet Within the same category. The average power of this device is about 1400 watts. A three-hour Burgundian gourmet evening consumes 4.2 kilowatt-hours of electricity. At an average electricity price of 33.70 euro cents per kilowatt hour, this will cost you 1.42 euros.

In one Fondue set With a capacity of 3 liters and 6 skewers, the power is about 1300 watts. After the meal, your energy bill increased by €1.31. Even for the most advanced installed devices, consumption costs remain just under 2 euros. So energy costs don’t get in the way of the festive spirit.

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What is the effect of power rating?

An additional element applies for the first time this year with the capacity rate. This rate is affected by the highest peak force recorded during fifteen minutes during the month. Since you quickly use up to three appliances for a larger batch, the detrimental effect of fondue or gourmet cooking is evident.

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The energy regulator VREG estimates the impact of a festive evening at €7.10. Energy expert Dieter Jung previously calculated that in an extreme case the cost could increase by €24 or €2 per month. In this case, it’s about a family that intentionally keeps their power peak low all year and suddenly takes all the brakes off on Christmas Day.

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If you are using different devices, it is recommended to connect them to different sockets. When using a multi-plug, it is best to first check the maximum power allowed. If all the appliances together exceed this ceiling, you risk a power outage or – in the worst case – a fire.

Electricity prices can vary widely between suppliers and formats: Use the tool below to find the lowest cost option for your consumption.

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