December 8, 2022

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What is the correct ratio of coffee and milk in a cappuccino?  Barista explains and tips on how to avoid the too watery version |  to eat

What is the correct ratio of coffee and milk in a cappuccino? Barista explains and tips on how to avoid the too watery version | to eat

Today is cappuccino day. It’s time to treat yourself to a cup of delicious hot coffee with steamed milk. But what should you pay attention to when making cappuccino yourself? What is the best time of the day to drink your coffee? And do you choose milk or whipped cream with your coffee? Barista Jock de Koninck and culinary historian Lisette Cruyff explain. “Cappuccino is not Italian.”

Hot Cappuccino at Dawn: For many people, the Italian custom is the perfect way to start the day. “There is, however, the question of whether a cappuccino is truly Italian,” says culinary historian Lisette Cruyff. ‘Coffee has certainly become big in the country, but for the real roots we have to go to the capital of Austria. In Vienna, ‘Kapuziner’ has been on the list since the Habsburg monarchy. In 1805 we first found the word in an Austrian dictionary. Then they speak of ‘coffee’ with cream and sugar.” Viennese coffeehouses became popular and spread all over the world.

Cappuccino, as it is written today, was not known until the 1930s. “Then, it’s basically like a Wiener Kapuziner: coffee with whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon or chocolate,” Cruyff says. “Evaporated milk is only added after that. This is probably a real Italian invention.”

How do you make a classic cappuccino?

“A cappuccino consists of an espresso shot over which you pour evaporated milk. And all in a cup of about 150ml,” explains barista Jacques de Koninck. “A cup of cappuccino contains a lot of milk. But that makes it an accessible type of coffee. The milk you add to it will reduce the caffeine to some extent. So it is a coffee that everyone can easily drink.”

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Cappuccino with whipped cream is a tradition of brasseries, which you will not easily find with real baristas.

De Koninck joke

However, you have to pay attention to certain things when making coffee. “It is important that the milk is evaporated properly. For example, milk should not be evaporated at a temperature of more than sixty degrees. Otherwise the milk will lose its sweetness, and you should not. You should be able to drink a cappuccino without adding sugar. Whipped cream is not Absolutely a must.This is a brasserie imitation.Something you won’t find easily with a real coffee maker.The evaporated milk should also be thick enough.It is not meant that you can throw away the milk.As for the coffee,it must be a pure espresso shot.If you add too much. From water to coffee, the cappuccino will become very watery.”

“Finally, it is also important that you drink your cappuccino within a minute. Just like everything you get from your espresso machine. If your coffee loses heat, it will fall apart. Your lightness will also decrease.” And do you really want to drink a cappuccino like an Italian? “It’s important then that you drink it in the morning,” Cruyff says. “It is customary to drink it in the morning for breakfast with a piece of dessert. According to Italian tradition, you do not usually drink cappuccino for the rest of the day.” Fortunately, we don’t live in Italy, and you can order it here at any time of the day.

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