May 30, 2024

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What we know about the new Chromecast with Google TV (4K)

What we know about the new Chromecast with Google TV (4K)

It looks like it's finally coming: a new Chromecast with Google TV. We already know a thing or two about media players, so we've listed the information for you.

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A new Chromecast is on the way: we know this

Chromecast with Google TV is one of the nicest gadgets that Google has released in recent years. But the 4K version has been around for a while. Google introduced Chromecast about four years ago, so it's time to upgrade. And it looks like this will finally happen soon, according to rumours.

So, it's time to list what we already know about the new Chromecast with Google TV. The media player is likely to get a number of useful improvements that we are secretly looking forward to. Read on!

1. New remote control

You should soon be able to operate the new Chromecast using a new remote. A few months ago a photo appeared (see below) of the improved remote control. The new remote appears to be a little longer and has more buttons. Particularly interesting is the “star” button located at the bottom right.

New Chromecast remote

You can link this button to an app, so you can start your streaming service with one tap. Consider, for example, Videoland or HBO Max. Your current Chromecast remote has standard buttons for opening YouTube and Netflix, so this will likely work the same way.

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2. Faster devices

What we don't know much, but what we hope is that the new Chromecast with Google TV will have faster hardware. This is secretly necessary, because Chromecast is now very old and not the fastest media player.

Especially if you quickly switch between apps or return to the home screen, the HDMI dongle has a hard time keeping up with your needs. It will take a few seconds before the interface loads completely again. The new chip is faster, but also more power efficient, so it's ready for the future.

3. Same price

We expect Google to make the new Chromecast neither more expensive nor cheaper. This means that the recommended retail price of the media player is €69. It doesn't have to be super cheap, but a Chromecast can last a long time and goes on sale on a regular basis.

Google Netherlands products

If you still think it's an expensive joke, there is a less expensive alternative available with Chromecast with Google TV (HD). The Chromecast is a few dollars cheaper (€39), but it's also less comprehensive. It streams movies and series in Full HD quality and therefore cannot handle 4K images. Keep this in mind if you have a large TV and want to take advantage of high definition.

4. The reveal may be coming soon

It's not clear when Chromecast will appear with Google TV, but we'd venture a guess. Google I/O 2024 will be held soon, on May 14. During the event, Google shows off its latest software developments, but the company is also increasingly revealing hardware. So it's possible that the search giant will next showcase its latest media player. So wait and see!

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If you don't want to wait and really need a Chromecast, you can of course get your existing media player. However, it might be smart to wait a little longer to make sure you get the latest (and therefore better) version.

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