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What’s in curry?  |  to eat

What’s in curry? | to eat

We know that the Flemings are big fans of frikandel or curry: more than one in three people prefer to order a long deep-fryer curry or hamburger. But what is actually in that Frikandel? According to some, only offal, eyes or bones. Is this correct? What about a veggie frikandele? asked our journalist Marek van Balen from the well-known manufacturer Mora.

What’s in Frikandel?

According to many, there is also a dark side behind the success of the most popular fried snack in Flanders: the snack is said to consist of offal such as the eyes or tails of pigs. Marieke Van Balen refutes this statement, saying, “There is definitely meat in Frikandel.” Frikandel is made mostly of chicken. In this case we are talking about mechanically separated meat. These are small scraps that remain attached to the bone after cutting chicken fillets, breasts, and other larger pieces. This meat is also used to make chicken nuggets. Normally it ends up in the trash, but we managed to make a quality product with it.”

In addition to chicken, pork is also added to frikandel. “We have this bacon with us, so again real meat. Finally, we finish everything off with all kinds of flavorings, herbs, spices, and binding agents.” This is to ensure that the frikandel is strong enough and has a good structure.

This ratio also applies to most Frekandelin in the Netherlands and Belgium. “In Germany they still add beef, but their frikandelin is more like our classic meatball.” In the United States, a typical frikandel is 50% pork, 35% beef, and 15% chicken. Wherever in the world you order a frikandel: you won’t eat the bones or the eyes.

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In Germany, Frikandellen is similar to classic meatballs. In the United States, the typical frikandele consists of various proportions of meat.

Is vegetable frikandel healthier?

“Frikandel Mora Classic (70 g) contains 153 calories. If we compare it with other popular snacks such as a cupcorn (244 calories) or goulash croquettes (222 calories), it’s not so bad. Do you prefer not to eat meat? Then you can also opt for the vegan frikandel. “It is prepared on the basis of a mixture of vegetable proteins, such as soy and wheat. We reduce these proteins and mix them with all kinds of flavorings, herbs, spices and binders, just like meat frikandel. Unfortunately, the calorie count remains the same.

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