May 28, 2024

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WhatsApp comes with Communities: groups within chat groups

WhatsApp comes with Communities: groups within chat groups

The functionality is already partially integrated into the beta versions of WhatsApp discovered WABetaInfo. This site checks beta versions of WhatsApp for new features. The new community feature makes it easier for chat group admins to create divisions.

These divisions are also chat groups, but they do not need to be created from scratch. The admin can easily share the current chat group directly to the new group. Users can also see which groups belong to a particular community.

For example, a football club community might have channels for each team, and a larger channel for general announcements. Thus, users who switch teams can easily switch chat groups, or switch them by the administrator.

It looks like Slack and Discord

It is not yet clear how the job will work. It looks like admins will soon be able to share links to communities, as they already can with regular group chats.

With its community function, WhatsApp is getting closer to the capabilities of chat services like Discord and Slack. These services also consist of multiple channels of different topics that users can join.

WhatsApp on multiple devices

WhatsApp also rolled out a new multi-device feature to all users last weekend. With this functionality, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop are now more independent of WhatsApp on the smartphone.

Until now, the phone version of WhatsApp had to be online and linked using the web or desktop version. Since September, the new version has been used as a test rolledNow it will be the job For everyone It must be available.

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Users still have to link their mobile version of WhatsApp to the web or desktop version once, via a QR code.