May 24, 2024

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WhatsApp spraakberichten krijgt langverwachte functie

WhatsApp voice messages are getting a long-awaited feature

Better late than never. But how long have we had to wait for the new voice messaging feature in WhatsApp.

In addition to sending a text message, it is also possible to record a message using WhatsApp. Useful if your hands are full, or you have a lot to say. Plus it’s a little more personal. In short, there are many reasons why you might want to use voice messages in WhatsApp. But in fact, this function has been, until now, unusable.

This is because the creation of a voice message is sent to the other party in this way. You cannot pre-hear if the sound quality is good. Or, if you send something to your loved one, if the message is uncomfortable. You can only listen to it after you have already sent it. Now you can still pull the message, but the other person will see that too. And if that person has opened the conversation, there’s a good chance they’ve already listened to the recording.

After all these years, WhatsApp finally realized that this is very annoying when it comes to voice messages. This is why the messaging service is coming with an update that we are all prepared for. Ability to listen to the recording before sending the voice message. The feature is coming to both phones iOS in a Android As on the web. By moving your finger up after an audio recording, you will have the opportunity to listen to it first. Then press the send button.