March 2, 2024

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When does the US Grand Prix start?

When does the US Grand Prix start?

To finish six races, the difference between the title candidates Max Verstappen On Lewis Hamilton Only six points. Unprecedentedly small difference, so every detail is decisive. In Turkey, the Red Bull driver had to bear a black and silver arrow, but that was the car Voltaire Potass. His main rival did not get above fifth place on the wet track, allowing World Cup lead Verstappen to regain it.

He will be a guest on the Circus Circuit of America this weekend, which makes Hamilton feel very at home. Despite the victories for Finland in 2018 and 2019, Austin has already won the World Championship five times. He did not participate in this tournament due to the corona crisis last year. That is the expectation Mercedes American soil will be strong again, but this season has shown more than once that expectations have not been met. Is Hamilton hitting back or is Verstopen increasing the margin? We know Sunday night.

United States Grand Prix opening hours

The Grand Prix tour of the United States is on Sunday, October 24 at 9pm Dutch time, which is 2pm local time. Due to the time difference, the sessions (late) will only take place in the evening Dutch time. The first free training session on Friday starts at 6.30pm and then the second training session starts at 10pm. On Saturday, from 8pm, another hour of training will take place. Eligibility Time 11 PM Dutch time is scheduled.