March 5, 2024

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Where is Noah (26)?  Growing suspicions that she was kidnapped by civilians in Gaza and not by Hamas  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Where is Noah (26)? Growing suspicions that she was kidnapped by civilians in Gaza and not by Hamas The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Face full of fear, she screams as she is dragged into the back of a motorcycle. This is how Noa Argamani became the face of the hostages who were brutally dragged away from the Nova music festival on October 7. More than two months later, Noa is still imprisoned in Gaza, but who is holding her? NBC News has gathered information suggesting that she may have been kidnapped not by Hamas, but perhaps by a group of Gazans who infiltrated Israel following the terrorists hours after the initial attack.

Noa Argamani and her friend Avinatan Or hid on the festival grounds for hours during the massacre and reported their location for help, but were discovered by the attackers before help arrived.

In a video posted on October 7, Noa was seen being forcibly taken away on a motorcycle while screaming, and her boyfriend was manhandled by some men.

look. Noah’s father was shocked after his daughter was kidnapped

Argamani is one of 14 civilians who have not yet been released by their captors. Friends and family became increasingly desperate. They want to know what happened to her and why she and about 100 others have not yet been released. For Argamani’s loved ones, it feels like a race against time to get her released. And also because her mother, Liora, has terminal brain cancer.

Now NBC research, based on text messages, phone calls, surveillance footage and even the position of the Sun at the time of her abduction, suggests that it’s unclear who abducted her — and that it’s possible that Gazans were abducted by another group.

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Yaakov Argamani, Noa’s father, is growing increasingly desperate now that his daughter has not yet been released. © Agence France-Presse

There is no military equipment

Two Israeli military officials told NBC that the first wave of attacks on the festival that morning appeared to have been carried out by members of an elite unit of the Palestinian movement Hamas. But as the hours passed, other Gazans entered the festival grounds.

One official noted that none of the kidnappers shown in the video of Argamani and Orr’s kidnapping appeared to be armed or wearing tactical vests, suggesting they were likely not members of the elite. It also appears that at least one of the group members is very young.

Sun and shade

Analysis of the position of the sun and shadows in the kidnapping footage also indicates that it occurred late in the morning, hours after the Elite Forces launched the attack. According to NBC, these are all indications that Noa was not kidnapped by Hamas.

This may explain why the young woman was not released during the calm period in November: Hamas is not holding her captive and does not even know where she is.

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