April 17, 2024

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Where will you go with Philip Clement and his leader?  Mark Degres at HLN Sportcast: 'It's over for Vormer' |  sports

Where will you go with Philip Clement and his leader? Mark Degres at HLN Sportcast: ‘It’s over for Vormer’ | sports

HLN SportscastClub Brugge-Leipzig was less than twenty minutes away when “Ruud, Ruud, Ruud” burst from the stands at Jan Breydel. The fans asked their captain, coach Philippe Clement to keep the Dutchman on the bench for 90 minutes. Hugo Bruce: “It’s very dangerous now between Former and Philip.”


Where is the relationship between club captain Rod Former and club coach Philip Clement headed? The captain was once again sidelined by his coach against Leipzig, and Former remained on the bench for 90 minutes. Whatever you turn it or turn it on: With Vormer, Clement has gone too far,” Mark Degres said on a new HLN Sportcast.

“It’s a fact that things are going in the Club locker room now. You can put the captain on the sofa to put him on edge. It happened, but Former recovered well in the competition. But to take him out of the team in the first half on Friday in Michelin because there is so little power The team fencing and now leaving him on the bench for 90 minutes?”

Listen to the full episode of HLN Sportcast below:

Degres continues: “This creates conflict between the staff and the group of players. Former has a lot of support in the group and there are also others who are unhappy for various reasons, such as Noah Lang. I think it is over for Former. After Friday regarding the relationship with Clement.”

Hugo Bros also had his reservations about leaving Würmer on the bench against Leipzig for the 90 minutes. “You don’t do that with a player like him. He wasn’t OK with being on the bench in previous Champions League matches. It sucks after yesterday. After substitution against Miquelin, he must have been hoping to play against Leipzig, and now he hasn’t moved away from the benches.” The substitutes. Then it gets dangerous, you know.”

Video. Hugo Bruce: “After the change against Mechelen, Mulder was hoping for minutes against Leipzig”

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Whenever the specter of crisis flew his head into the club recently, it was subtly dispelled. Does this work again?

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Mark DeGrace talks about the situation around Rodformer at HLN Sportcast. © Photo News