June 17, 2024

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Who benefits from it?

Who benefits from it?

Recording a PlayStation 5 is still a real challenge. We see that game consoles are offered in bulk on Marktplaats and may also be sold out. But if you manage to get one, we have good news regarding Apple Music.

Well, whether you really want to, that is the question, but it is possible to start using Apple Music on your PlayStation 5. So if you don’t want to play for a while, then you can listen to your favorite music.

Apple Music on PlayStation 5

Apple Music hasn’t been officially announced for PlayStation 5. But that seems only a matter of time. According to users at reddit When creating a new account on the game console, it was possible to download Apple Music and listen to your favorite music this way. However, this might be a temporary option because after that there were quite a few users who tried the same thing but didn’t succeed. This way you get the idea that the service started up too quickly and then was taken offline again. It will be announced with great fanfare at a later time.

Apple Music Classic
Apple Music (Photo: Pexels/Apple, Edit: OMT)

Although you might be wondering how much fanfare something like Apple Music on PlayStation 5 has to be announced. Chances are that if you want to listen to music, you have many other devices that you can do so with. The same goes for Spotify, by the way. This has also been available on console games for a while, but its added value can already be called minimal. Perhaps this will soon be mentioned at a new Apple event planned for tonight, but the chance of that seems small to us.

Apple Music is the live streaming service for dance lovers thanks to the new feature

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Apple Music is Coming to PlayStation 5: Who Will Benefit From It?

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