March 25, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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Why are women with endometriosis not taken seriously? ‘I wandered around in pain for 14 years’

dated Tin Clays I know that in 1921, the disease was first described by Canadian gynecologist John A. Sampson, but endometriosis has likely been around for much longer. “There are already descriptions of the symptoms in ancient times. At that time, pain in the uterus was described as hysterical, but historians now suspect that in many cases it was endometriosis. For a long time it was thought to be a disease of working women who died too late.” The babies started and that endometriosis was the result of “using your uterus too late. There were also few female doctors, and women’s complaints of pain were often not taken seriously.”

“So there’s been very little research on endometriosis,” Tenney says, “because it’s a gynecological problem.” Other gynecological diseases that are not subject to adequate research, for example, vaginismus and migraine. “The female body is often portrayed as mysterious and 70% of unwarranted complaints occur in women. This is not because women’s bodies are more complex or mysterious, but because women’s bodies have not been explored over the centuries.”

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