February 21, 2024

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Why Princess Elizabeth is an example for other royalty...

Why Princess Elizabeth is an example for other royalty…

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Elizabeth is the eldest of a new generation of future queens in Europe. Abroad it is considered a prototype, certainly for Leonor (15) of Spain and Amalia (17) of the Netherlands, and to a lesser extent of Ingrid Alexandra (17) of Norway and Christian (16) of Denmark.

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Elizabeth studied the last two years of high school at Atlantic College in Wales (2018-2020). There is no queen school, no formal education, but that institution comes close.

Teens from all over the world, from all walks of life, study and live together. In addition to regular subjects such as mathematics and languages, they receive specific lessons on ecosystems, religions, and peace issues, broadening their worldview. They must also volunteer, just as a king must serve the nation and the people.

This school year, Spanish Crown Princess Leonor also started at Atlantic College. Just like Dutch Princess Alexia, Amalia’s younger sister.

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Queen Letizia and King Philip bid farewell to their daughter Leonor as she leaves for Wales in August.

Queen Letizia and King Philip bid farewell to their daughter Leonor as she leaves for Wales in August. © BELGAIMAGE

Doing public activities

Elizabeth has regularly performed in public since childhood: she has already given speeches, opened sea ships, attended classical concerts and ballet performances. We call them rehearsals. Her parents Philip and Mathilde let her get a taste of what awaits her next. King Philip of Spain and Queen Letizia do the same with Leonor.

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Compared to this, the Dutch king Willem-Alexander and Maxima prophylactically raised their heir Amalia. They keep it out of the spotlight as much as possible, except for King’s Day and my two still photo moments every year. They do not want Amalia to play an active role until her 18th birthday – on December 7 this year.

Grant waiver

Philip and Mathilde decided not to (yet) apply for the Elizabeth scholarship, even though she has been entitled to it since her eighteenth birthday. They don’t want to burden their daughter’s responsibilities while she’s still in college.



Amalia will receive a grant of 1.5 million euros annually from her 18th birthday. This was widely criticized in the Netherlands. Inspired by Elizabeth, the Crown Prince informed Prime Minister Rutte that he will also waive government support for the time being. In Spain, it appears that Leonor, who will turn 18 in two years, will follow Elizabeth’s lead.