March 4, 2024

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Why the new Volkswagen T-Cross has become a hit among the elderly

Why the new Volkswagen T-Cross has become a hit among the elderly

Did Volkswagen send old photos of the T-Cross (2024)? No, not much of a facelift. If you quickly want a new car and you are crazy about big discounts, it is better to take the old Volkswagen T-Cross. Read on to find out how.

the Volkswagen The T-Cross has been on sale since 2018 and hasn’t had any facelift yet. But even after five years, Volkswagen doesn’t think it necessary to sweep the design through with a broom. We won’t see the first fruits of a pen by new designer Andreas Mindt until three years from now. He wants to turn Volkswagen into a “love brand” again. T-Cross is not about flaming love, but rather a stable relationship where sparks no longer fly.

Facelift Volkswagen T-Cross: what changes?

Just like now, Volkswagen offers 1.0 TSI with 95 or 110 hp. The latter is also available with an automatic transmission. What is new is that the four-cylinder 1.5 TSI with 150 hp will again be available in the Netherlands; It was already available in Belgium. You can only get this top version with the DSG automatic transmission.

Why the new Volkswagen T-Cross has become a hit among the elderly

The Volkswagen T-Cross was a great car and very popular in the Netherlands. Over 12,000 people have already bought one. But there was one Volkswagen-unworthy annoyance: the squeaky, cheap plastic on the dashboard and door panels. Volkswagen has listened to you and our laments and has now chosen softer materials on the dashboard. The door panels also received a soft-touch fabric.

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Every T-Cross will have a digital instrument cluster from 2024. The touchscreen in the middle gets bigger the more expensive version you order. The number of centimeters ranges from 16.5 cm to 23.5 cm.

T-Cross with electric bike

Outwardly little changed. The T-Cross received LED lighting front and rear, and optionally even LED lighting, which you can always drive with high beam because it automatically dims for oncoming traffic. The bumpers have also been slightly modified. It will be good for the national street scene if buyers choose the new color Grape Yellow.

The target group of Volkswagen T-Cross is usually a little older. That’s why a small detail seems worth mentioning: nose weight has been increased from 55 to 75 kilograms, so T-Cross owners can happily mount their electric bike rack on the back of the vehicle. With a ramp, of course. High incomes were already there and of course will remain.

price and delivery time

The facelifted Volkswagen T-Cross won’t be available until spring 2024 and can be ordered in the fall. Pricing is not yet known, but we’ve got good news for bargain hunters. The old T-Cross now goes for nothing. Volkswagen gives a discount of 2,000 euros and an additional trade-in bonus of another 2,000 euros. So you only save 4,000 euros. An added bonus: the current generation T-Cross is immediately available and therefore quick to drive. You almost wonder: why are you waiting for something new?