April 15, 2024

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Why was the applause for Johnny Depp recorded at the Cannes Film Festival?

Why was the applause for Johnny Depp recorded at the Cannes Film Festival?

“There were seven.” Steven Deuters felt compelled to correct the result in Cannes. Johnny Depp’s ex-assistant, who was slammed in a lawsuit deb vs. he heard He called his boss’s ex-wife a “social attention seeker,” on Twitter immediately after the opening ceremony. Reply to the news site’s message Deadline Hollywood That standing ovation after the movie premiere Jean Barry, with Depp as King Louis XV, took exactly four minutes and twenty seconds. This was not true, according to Deuters. He suspected foul play: “My model, this one.”

Film magazine diverse Also recorded seventh. New York times I held it for a paltry three minutes. Is Deb now fully rehabilitated, or sparingly?

Following up the applause after a premiere with a stopwatch is a crazy habit that has plagued major film festivals for several years. As if the status of a movie could be measured by the appetites of the dressed-up guests. But one can imagine the concerns of Depp’s team. Three or four minutes a bit tepid, considering the courtesy factor. But seven minutes – just try it – takes quite a bit of effort.


A day later, at the press conference, Depp arrived 42 minutes late. “Buenos Diasmuttered the star. Director and actress Maïwenn is already getting started. “I preferred a sexy discount,” she says. “Johnny’s French is perfect. Sometimes he just has to find the words.”

“Do I also have English,” adds Depp, answering the questions with curly sentences. “Did I feel like being interrupted by Hollywood? Well… I wouldn’t have flinched, if I hadn’t started thinking at some point that this was all some crazy joke… Of course, if they asked you out of a movie, just because of something… Made up of Vowels and consonants move through the air…” (Ex Deb Fantastic Beasts After the English court ruled that he could be called a “wife beater”). “But no, I don’t feel cut out by Hollywood, because I don’t think about Hollywood.”

To the audience: “What you’ve read about me over the past five or six years…is mostly horribly written fiction.”

Nor can he give a definite answer to this applause. He seemed unstoppable… I felt like one He walks. The energy was… Yes. ”

At least seven minutes – in the deep hour.

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