April 22, 2024

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Will Apple win other streaming services this deal?

Will Apple win other streaming services this deal?

Every streaming service is looking for new projects. Netflix may be the biggest, but Disney+ continues to grow as well. Amazon Prime also works well and will attract a lot of additional members when they get very expensive Lord of the ringsSeries will be released. Now Apple has received another huge success.

Apple has struck a deal with the popular production company Skydance, better known as finisherFranchise business. They will now produce several films for Apple each year. With this, Skydance terminates the similar agreement with Paramount.

Paramount will still be allowed to continue with other major Skydance projects, such as Mission: Impossible, Transformers, Star Trek in a BestMovies. They will continue to produce and co-finance together, but Apple will now be the first to get the chance to release other Skydance movies.

Skydance has already made the blockbusters needed for other streaming services in recent years. This is how they actually collaborated with Netflix before 6 Underground, the old guard It hasn’t appeared yet Adam’s Project, while for Amazon Prime they are already without remorse in a Tomorrow’s war I made.

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Skydance is clearly focusing more on streaming, probably because its blockbuster movies like Terminator: Dark Fate, Gemini in a Snake Eyes: The Origins of GI Joe It was disappointing. Therefore, Apple is making a big difference by introducing the production company, since they now ‘dominate’ the competition very much and can offer several additional blockbuster films annually.

Apple has scored many prestigious titles anyway lately. For example, good reception kuda in a The tragedy of Macbeth on their live streaming service, and later this year the company was very promising Moonflower killers by Martin Scorsese on Apple TV +.

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