April 17, 2024

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Will Italy also serve as an egg for the Belgian cats?  We will see more battle  Belgian cats

Will Italy also serve as an egg for the Belgian cats? We will see more battle Belgian cats

Israel dried up and the Czech Republic, what will be against Italy? Will we see the Belgian referee again, or will Italy be another pair of sleeves?

“I was expecting big victories over Israel and the Czech Republic, with big odds, but it wasn’t these two demonstrations, that wasn’t the case. Keeping the opponent’s score low was also remarkable,” said radio correspondent Carl Bertelli from Israel.

“The Belgian Kats immediately made a statement in the first two games: Here we are, here we are. We show that we can play basketball and that we are ready to compete for medals. If you do it this way, make an impression.”

Italy, No. 14 in the world, will be a good test for the Cats, who are seventh in the world rankings.

Bertelli: “The Cats will face their toughest opponent in the group stage with Italy, but they certainly won’t waver.”

“We will see a battle with two nations who will be more balanced. This time we will not have a difference of 30 or 40 points, but I expect Belgium to win this match as well.”

Cats have reached such a level and status that they deserve only tribute and praise. Yet they remain remarkably quiet in the hype that is now, during an important tournament, beginning to grow again.

“The fact that they remain calm under all circumstances has been the case for a while,” says Carl Bertelli.

“It’s largely due to a great player like Emma Messeman. Everyone looks up to her and she keeps everyone grounded.”

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“Her credo is: step by step. This is how the cats grow in this tournament: step by step. Everyone is awake, everyone is ready.”

“You’re not going to shout from the rooftops that Belgium are going to be champions of Europe. But you can say the team is ready for the harvest. If you want to get away from bronze, which is the intention, you have to go for silver and gold and then you have to play a final, and I believe in that more and more.” .

“I see a lot of teams in the European Championship in the making. The Cats have gone through themselves at such a stage in the past and bumped into countries like Serbia, France and Spain. Now the Cats have to be on top of that, with their experience. They have to replace those countries and aim for the highest level. “.