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Women in committed relationships are becoming more likely to cheat. This is the conclusion reached by an international study of psychologists. Up to 78% of women cheat before menopause.

“It is very normal for women in a committed relationship to cheat over time, but we see that the cheating starts early and before that. Sometimes women are irrational and mean after three years,” says Dutch researcher Frans Hegel, who contributed to the study from Maple University. from the beginning of the relationship.

Falsehood in women was previously attributed mainly to hormonal fluctuations, but according to Hegelig, this is not the main reason: “The length of the relationship plays a larger role than previously assumed. can be controlled.”

A woman’s improper behavior often leads to divorce and separation, Higley says: “In the past, a woman would make sure potatoes were on the table at six o’clock and her husband had enough clean underwear. The women didn’t complain. Now we see women with big mouths and disobedient behaviour.” You may be wondering if you still want something like this in your home.”