December 4, 2022

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World Games: gold medalist by athlete duo Maureen Ricoeur after bizarre race with disqualification |  world games

World Games: gold medalist by athlete duo Maureen Ricoeur after bizarre race with disqualification | world games

On the penultimate day of the World Games in Birmingham, a number of Belgians are still working. The Duatlete Maurine Ricour got off to a great start, and took gold. Number 9 for the Belgians at the World Games.

  1. 7 p.m. 23. Climbers Chloe Collier and Nicholas Colin reach the lead. Chloe Collier and Nicolas Colin qualified for the final of the leading wall-climbing competition. Collier finished eighth in the qualifiers and thus reached the final scheduled to be held tonight from Saturday to Sunday (3 pm). & nbsp; Thus, the 25-year-old narrowly joined the eight climbers who qualified for this final. Japan’s Natsuki Tani was the best in qualifying. Colin finished third in qualifying behind American Jesse Gruber and Slovenian Martin Bergant. & nbsp; .
  2. 18 hours. So Laura Swannet and Lotte Claes were disqualified during the race. Claes has been in the lead for a while. She was left out with a peloton that still had 8 dichotomies. The Belgian and Federal Olympic Committee (COIB) stated that this was due to a problem with tagging of the course. Follow Maureen Ricoeur Engines and go the right way. Other competitors did not have this opportunity and therefore took the wrong path. .
  3. 17 y 44. He went to Ricoeur in a twosome race. It’s still great for the Belgian delegation at the World Games. The gold medal in the duo race went to Maureen Ricoeur. Team Belgium already took 9 gold and 4 bronze on day 9. Ricoeur eventually took 2 hours and 1’38 inches, and was 20 seconds faster than Japan’s Ai Ueda. Bronze went to Venezuelan Joslin Pria Abreu. Many athletes did not reach the end. Laura Swant and Lotte Claes were there. Entrants disqualified. In the men’s category there will also be three entrants later tonight with Arnaud Dely, podium nominee, Angelo Vandecasteele and Vincent Bierinckx. The race starts at midnight (Belgium time).
  4. 17 hours 42.
  5. 17:30 East runner Yannick Michaels 20 middle distance. Orient runner Yannick Michaels finished 20th in the middle distance. He needed 40’34” to get to the finish. Norway’s Kasper Harlem Vosser won with a time of 33’45”, ahead of Swiss Matthias Kepors (33’52”) and Swede Martin Rigborn (34’42”). In the sprint distance, 30-year-old Michel became 12th on Friday. & nbsp; & nbsp; .
  6. 17 hours 24. Merckx dies in the semi-finals. Three-team Eddie Merckx failed to qualify for the final. The world number six did not stand a chance in the semi-final against Dutchman Dick Jaspers, the world champion and number one in the world. It was 16-40 so Merckx will play for the bronze in Birmingham later tonight. .
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