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World Indoor Championships: gold for Hurricane, bronze for Christian, 4th place and Belgian record for Leopards!

World Indoor Championships: gold for Hurricane, bronze for Christian, 4th place and Belgian record for Leopards!

Four medals, three of them gold. Never before has Belgium performed better at the IAAF World Indoor Championships. After Norwegian Vedets took the world titles in the pentathlon and Alexander Dohm in the 400 metres, the Belgian Tornadoes added a gold medal in the 4×400 meters on the final day. The Belgian Leopards team finished fourth in a Belgian record, and Elliot Christian added the icing on the cake with a bronze medal in the 800 metres.

Belgium's medal hopes ended on the final day of the World Championships in Glasgow Belgian Tornado Focus and meet expectations with energy. In the 4 x 400m final, Jonathan Sackur, Dylan Bourlé and Christian Iguacil paved the way, and with a strong final race, Alexandre Doum gave the Belgians a second successive world title.

the Belgian leopards In turn, he gave a strong performance. Naomi van den Broek, Helena Bonet, Camille Laus and Cynthia Bolingo never competed for medals, but they moved from last to fourth with a time of 3'28'05. With this, the Panthers improved their Belgian record, which they set in also tightened the series.

“We are used to getting good fourth places,” Cynthia Bolingo said. “With an emphasis on beauty, because we always give our best. The level is especially high in the 4×400 metres. We still have to make individual steps to be able to compete with others.”

Unsurprisingly, the gold medal went to the Netherlands, who included the world champion and vice-champion in the 400m along with Femke Boll and Leke Klaver. The United States got the silver, and the bronze went to Great Britain.

Christian shines in bronze, and Karmoy disappoints

Elliot Christian He took full advantage in the 800m final. With an attack in the last lap, he seemed to be on his way to the gold medal, but in the last meters he had to pass American Bryce Hubbell and Swede Andreas Kramer. Bronze, a nice reward for his very strong World Cup tournament.

to Yanla Najib-Nyimek It became a World Cup debut in minor key. Her series in the 60-meter hurdles was over before it even began. I immediately hit the first barrier and fell.

Ben Brothers He has a lot more tournament experience, but it hasn't been an absolute success for him either. It cleared the starting height of 5.50m without any problems and the 5.65m height presented no problems either.

Things went wrong at 5.75 metres. On the first attempt he crossed the carpet, then received a time penalty and in the end did not start. With a distance of 5.65 metres, he eventually placed sixth.

Also for Thomas Carmoy It was not a memorable World Cup. In his first tournament under Tia Hellebaut's wings, he reached no higher than 2.15 metres, meaning he shared last place in the high jump final.

Genty hottiekitty He finished his first World Cup in eighth place in the heptathlon. With a total of 5,940 points, he remained below his personal record (6,131 points). The first three were European. Swiss Simon Ehammer was crowned world champion, the silver went to Norwegian Skutheim, and the bronze went to Estonian Toss.

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The Belgians on March 3
the hour M/F discipline Athlete hasty
11:05 am M Heptathlon: 60 meter hurdles Genty Hottiquette 8″09(III) Position: ninth
11.25 am Fifth 60 meter hurdles: qualifying Yanla Najib-Nyimek DNF Outside
12:10 pm M 4×400 metres: heats Belgian Tornado 3'06″27 (2nd) To the finals
12.15 noon M Heptathlon: pole vault Genty hottiekitty 5 meters (V) Position: ninth
12:38 Fifth 4×400 metres: heats Belgian leopards 3'28″07 R (the third) To the finals
12.50 noon M High jump: final Thomas Carmoy 2.15 meters (11th)
8 pm M Pole vault: final Ben Brothers 5.65 meters (sixth)
9:15 pm M 4×400 metres: final Belgian Tornado 3'02″54 (first) gold
9:30 pm Fifth 4×400 metres: final Belgian leopards 3'28″05 R (the fourth)
9:45 pm M Heptathlon: 1000 metres Genty hottiekitty 2'49″29 (eighth) Final result: eighth
10:10 pm M 800 metres: final Elliot Christian 1'45″32 (third) Bronze

World record in the 60 meter hurdles

On the final day of the World Championships in Glasgow, a second world record was added, following Femke Bull's best time in the 400 metres. Devin Charlton She won the gold medal in the 60-meter hurdles race with a time of 7.65 seconds. The runner from the Bahamas achieved a performance two hundredths better than the record time she set last month in New York.

also Mundo Duplantis He made a new attempt to improve his world record, but 6.24 meters turned out to be too high for now. The Swede did not complete a flawless course and even surprised by missing twice over 5.85 metres. In the end, 6.05 meters was enough to extend his world title.

After three consecutive indoor triple jump titles, Yulimar Rojas has left this one
Skipping the World Cup to focus fully on the Games. Thea Lafond
He jumped the gap and gave Dominica its first World Cup gold with a distance of 15.01 metres.

in In the high jump, Sang Hyuk Woo failed to extend his title, and the South Korean had to settle for the bronze medal. Hamish Kerr Had a great day, the New Zealander took gold with a flawless run to 2.31m, clearing 2.36m for dessert, good for a national record and world best performance of the year.

More success for the New Zealanders in the 1500m final. He rushed the last few metres Geordie Beamish From fifth place to gold. The United States won the silver medal for Hooker and the bronze for Kessler.

The Americans also won the silver and bronze medals in the women's 1,500 meters. Nikki Hiltz and Emily McKay couldn't handle the acceleration on the final lap Froini Hello. Following Genzebe Dibaba in 2018 and Godav Tsegaye in 2022, Ethiopia won its third consecutive World Championship title.

An Ethiopian athlete also won the 800-meter race Tsig Dogoma. Gemma Riki had to settle for silver for her people. The bronze medal went to Benin thanks to 38-year-old Noéli Yarrigo.

Tara Davis Woodhull She achieved her role as favorite in the long jump. The American surpassed her compatriot Monae Nichols with a jump of 7.07 metres.

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IAAF World Indoor Championships: March 3

Cheetahs miss the podium: “Moving forward step by step”

The Panthers set a Belgian record in qualifying and in the final. Camille Laus: “We wanted to get the first medal of the tournament. But we showed once again that we are there, that we are capable of reaching the final. We are progressing step by step. This is our best result in the World Cup. I hope so.” That one day we will be able to stand on that stage.

“There wasn't a huge difference. Having to start from lane 1 was definitely not an advantage compared to lanes 4, 5 and 6, which often win a medal. It's very positive that we're breaking the national record again. Fourth place is the worst in my opinion, but it proves that we “We are not far from that.”

Broeders surrenders: 'Listen to the body'

Ben Broeder took sixth on the pole but was unable to take full advantage of his opportunity. He stayed clear at the opening height of 5.50m and immediately cleared 5.65m. But things went wrong at 5.75 metres. First, he continued running towards the carpet, then was given a time penalty, and on the third attempt he stopped running after a few metres.

“I felt pretty good during the warm-up and during the first two jumps, but then it just went away. I cramped up and had to listen to my body,” Browerders explained.

The same thing happened to him two years ago during the World Cup in Belgrade. “I also had Covid a week ago. I have to take the signals my body is sending into account. I've been sick twice this winter, which has had a negative impact. I need to rest now.”

Hauttekeete satisfied with first place in heptathlon among seniors: “I enjoyed two days”

Heptathlete Jente Hauttekeete finished his first senior heptathlon in eighth place with 5,940 points.

The 21-year-old scored a personal record of 6,131 points at the Belgian championship in Louvain-la-Neuve last month. This makes him second in the Belgian rankings after Thomas van der Pletsen (6259 points).

He had previously thought a top six was possible, but then he had to be 4 seconds faster in the final 1,000 metres. “I felt very stiff in my legs. That's normal. This was my third heptathlon this winter. Normally you do one.”

The under-20 world record holder had less feeling about the high jump. There he stuck at 2.01, 11cm below his best performance. “Normally that's my best song, but that competition was a complete mess. We were at the end of a 400m race, with so many judges and photographers, and I only had 50 centimeters to start the race. I was completely exhausted by it.” The crowds. I was completely out of control. “And I didn't sleep well last night either.”

On Sunday he was back to his level. Hauttekeete looks back with relief. “It's been a couple of fun days. I'm going home feeling positive. I'm glad that there is now some relief. I'm a bit tired physically and mentally.”

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The best Futsal World Cup ever for Belgium

What a night! What an indoor World Cup for the Belgians! Four medals, three of them gold. Belgium has never performed better at the Indoor World Cup.

the Belgian Tornado They extended their title in the 4 x 400 meters thanks to a particularly strong final race by Alexandre Dohm.

also Belgian leopards He did an excellent job. The medal was very high, but they finished fourth in a Belgian record.

Elliot Christian The Belgian harvest increased even more in the final of the 800 meters. After another good race he took the bronze medal.

In addition to all the Belgian success, Devin Charlton's performance has been particularly eye-catching. The athlete from the Bahamas won the gold medal in the 60 meter hurdles with a world record.

gold! Belgian team Tornado became world champions after the end of the amazing game Doom

Christian won the bronze medal in the 800-meter race, while the Belgian Leopard came in fourth place

Christian: “Winning a medal here was a dream”

Hailo wins!

Hailo overtakes McKay on the final lap and takes the gold medal. As with the men's 1,500 meters now, silver and bronze will go to the United States. Nikki Hiltz is in second place and Emily MacKay is in third place.

Suddenly a strong acceleration from the American Mackay. Can she provide a surprise?

Ethiopia is in the lead

Hailum, Wiltigi and Hailo set the pace. Will they also steal all the medals soon?

Hailu and Welteji were alone in the lead for a while, but the rest are now closing in again.

The Ethiopians want to make the match difficult. Hailu and Welteji run away immediately.

Belgian Hurricanes: “We dedicate this to Julian”

Ethiopia is moving towards a new clean campaign

The 1,500m athletes may be playing the final chord at this World Cup. After Genzebe Dibaba in 2018 and Godav Tsegaye in 2022, there is a good chance of a third consecutive Ethiopian title.

At the previous World Indoor Championships in Belgrade, the entire podium was Ethiopian coloured, and such a clean sweep is certainly possible now with top players like Frewini Hailu, Derebe Velteje and Berke Hejlum.

There is no world record for Duplantis

Duplantis' last attempt at 6.24 metres, but it went completely wrong. That will be for another time. Of course Duplantis will get the world title. 6.05 meters was sufficient for this purpose.

Gold for Beamish!

Cole Hooker looks to be on his way to gold, but with a fantastic final race, New Zealand's Geordie Beamish surges from fifth to victory!

3'36″54 is his time, a personal record. The USA has to settle for silver for Hooker and bronze for Kessler. Defending champion Tefera is only seventh.