June 14, 2024

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Wout van Aert looks ahead at Vive le Vélo: "The Pogacar team is not very strong, we should try to play on that" |  Vive Le Velo

Wout van Aert looks ahead at Vive le Vélo: “The Pogacar team is not very strong, we should try to play on that” | Vive Le Velo

With three in the lead, this was not the scenario Wout van Aert was hoping for. But the yellow jersey continued to advance, only to be eaten up as the favorite. So Jumbo-Visma’s approach raised questions, but Van Aert remained behind the plan.

“I was one of the top candidates at this point, and so it was very difficult for our team to get hold of. Not only to be late for a flight, but also to have a controllable group pull away from the start.”

“That was almost impossible, so we chose the opposite by trying to keep up. Unfortunately we only came with three up front, but there was no turning back. When I lowered myself, the fight was open again and again put us in a situation where we couldn’t win. racing.”

The trio even became a duo when Jacob Vogelsang gave up 66km from the finish. “Fuglsang showed from the start that he doesn’t trust the trip very much. It’s a bit strange that he stayed so long.”

“When we reached that hill area, he decided to let himself down
It was a shame, because he’s a strong rider and he definitely has an ally
He might be able to sing it longer.”

“We had a little leeway and manpower on roads like this to have a real shot. But you still have to try. Candle Quinn (Simmons, editor) was a little faster and when I sat alone my legs ran fast too.”

Fuglsang eventually finished in 23rd place, 5 seconds behind stage winner Tadej Pogacar. This raises the question: Wouldn’t it have been better for Van Aert to let himself down by running for the win?

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“I don’t think I would ever have the legs to run to win. You see who will win at the end today and it’s hard to beat.”

In the Battle of Yellow, Jumbo-Visma had less than two days. Tadej Pogakar was the first to take advantage of the misery with the Dutch team on the cobbled stage and also emerged as a great winner from the stage to Longwe. Primoz Roglic and Jonas Vingegaard lick their wounds, but Van Aert remains combative.

“Pogacar has shown very few weaknesses so far. One of the weaknesses is very clear that his team is definitely not very strong. We have to try to play on that.”

“Today we were able to put pressure on them, but then you see that other teams gave a helping hand too. That was a shame for us. We have to try to put pressure on them and dare to attack early. I hope we can get more buddies with us, because with three guys you won’t hurt them too much.” naturally “.

For Van Aert himself, this tour has already been a success with 4 days in yellow and a brilliant victory in Calais. His victory in the seventh stage is already in the round. “Maybe that is the prettiest. On the one hand because he was wearing the yellow jersey, on the other because we really controlled the race there as a team in the final. To win with these guys, that makes it great.”

Remarkably, in 6 of his seven wins on the tour, his wife Sarah D.B. was not around. Van Aert replied with a joke at Vangramburn. “You should stay home from now on. Today she was there again. I’ve been driving in front all day and it’s been turned back. It brings bad luck.”

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