February 27, 2024

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Xavier Taveirne says goodbye to “Het Journal”: “It was an honor” |  television

Xavier Taveirne says goodbye to “Het Journal”: “It was an honor” | television

“This was the last time I was allowed to give you news from this chair,” he says at the end of the newscast. “Thank you to the colleagues at VRT NWS, because without them I would have nothing to say here and you, for watching so wholeheartedly,” he continues. “Martine Tang once described the position of anchor as a position of service, and this is how I experienced it. It has been nothing less than an honor to greet you so much.” He concludes his final letter with a brief overview of his career. Because as of Monday, January 8, it will be heard on Radio 2. “From then on, I will build a platform for consumers here. At best, every day is good for a win. Good evening!” Finally concluded.

Xavier announced in December that he would stop working as a broadcaster for “Het journaal”. He also revealed that he will be presenting the new consumer show 'WinWin' on Radio 2 from 8 January. He will be heard there every weekday between 9 and 10 a.m., which is when The Inspector, Sven Pischal's programme, was on. After his arrest, the public broadcaster announced that it definitely wanted to continue focusing on consumer news. Therefore, Taveirne will take on this task and will also assist Flemish as a consumer expert for VRT NWS, VRT MAX and other VRT brands.

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