June 14, 2024

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Xbox knows it needs to improve its video capture and sharing features

Xbox knows it needs to improve its video capture and sharing features

Jason Ronald, Xbox Project Management Director, acknowledged that the Xbox Series X/S video capture and sharing features could be improved and emphasized that this was a top priority for the team.

VGC I mentioned that Ronald used it during Iron Lords Podcast We discussed whether the company wanted to improve the recording capabilities of the Xbox Series X/S’ Game DVR.

“I can definitely say that Game DVR is the point where I wanted to see more progress, specifically capture and share,” Ronald said. “It is definitely a priority for us.

“We get the feedback. We’ve made some adjustments to the reliability and quality of the footage, but we still have a lot of work to do. This is definitely a priority for us and we’re really going to do our best to work on that.”

Ronald recommended people to use it Xbox Insider Program There, the team tests new features and improvements and users can comment.

“What I can really recommend is if you are not yet a member of [Xbox] Inside rings, that’s it. Then when we release new improvements, we can measure whether or not we’re meeting expectations,” Ronald said. Priority is for 2022.

But don't expect the Xbox to go into virtual reality.

Ronald share this team I heard complaints from January 2021 And that it will take some time to solve the problems.

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