May 28, 2024

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Xiaomi comes with a fingerprint scanner all over the screen

Xiaomi comes with a fingerprint scanner all over the screen

Chinese technology supplier Xiaomi has filed a patent that allows the phone’s entire screen to recognize a fingerprint. The idea is that with this you will no longer have to put your finger in a specific place to unlock something, but you can do it anywhere on the screen.

Fingerprint Scanners

When in-screen fingerprint scanners became popular, there was a lot of development in this area. However, he has been a bit quiet when it comes to this technology in the past few years. The focus is more on the screen refresh rate and the cameras. The fact that we hear so little about it does not mean that nothing is in development, as Xiaomi proves.

You have patented the fingerprint recognition system in your smartphone screen. Not in one place, but across the entire screen.


jezchina He writes that Xiaomi uses a network of built-in infrared LEDs located between the touch layer and the AMOLED display. The receivers are located below the screen and together they form a network through which, wherever you place your finger, it can be verified that it is the known fingerprint on the device.

This will be very useful, because especially if you are using the phone with one hand, then sometimes it is necessary to twist with your fingers to continue to hold and unlock your device.


This is because infrared lights up and thus determines which edges you’re pressing on your phone and which you’re not: after all, your fingerprint is made up of grooves and although it’s sometimes hard to see with the naked eye, this is evident from the technology in phones.

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An interesting technology, in which Xiaomi may be the first. Huawei has developed a similar function, but it is not used commercially. It also seems that Huawei works a little differently.

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