February 21, 2024

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XRP whales zijn op grote schaal aan het inslaan

XRP whales hoard in huge numbers »Cryptocurrency Insiders

looks big Ripple (XRP) Investors too whalesTake full advantage of the current low prices. The total holdings of these whales reached their peak recently. This point has not been seen for at least two months. So it can be safely said that XRP whales are no longer selling, but are hoarding again.

XRP whales

Cryptocurrency analysis agency notes that whales have been buying on a massive scale for a while Emotion† They shared their findings on Twitter yesterday. Analyzing the buying and selling behavior of whales can be of great importance in estimating what the price might do in the future. Whales have a relatively large impact on the price of the underlying cryptocurrency.

Santiment classifies whales as investors who hold between 1 million and 10 million coins on their balance sheet. It is clear from the Santiment chart that this group of investors has not been deterred by the recent low price. On the contrary, they have just started buying XRP. Santiment also states that in just 11 days, total XRP holdings among whales increased by 2.4%. According to Santiment, XRP whales currently hold 6.12% of all XRP in circulation.

“This is the most active level for non-exchanges, and they currently own 6.12% of all XRP.”

ripple rate

The fact that whales are piling up is sometimes seen as a sign that a serious price increase may be imminent. Of course, this is not a sign of waterproofing, but it can at least be called positive with caution.

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will de XRP price Also not bad to start climbing again. At the time of writing, XRP has been under water by more than 80% since its all-time high a few months ago. This will not leave many XRP investors in cold clothes.