February 27, 2024

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You shouldn't miss this on TV tonight

You shouldn't miss this on TV tonight

Queen: Hungarian Rhapsody – Live in Budapest

documentary. The concert took place on July 27, 1986 and was part of the Magic Tour, the last with frontman Freddie Mercury. All the band's classics are discussed, from “Bohemian Rhapsody” to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “I Want To Break Free” to “We Are The Champions”. Three years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, this was the first Western rock concert in a stadium behind the Iron Curtain. The authorities and the Hungarian film industry considered the concert so important that they spared no effort to film the show in the best conditions and preserve it for future generations.

9.35pm on VRT Canvas.

#LikeMe at the concert

Displays. #LikeMe perform their most popular songs on the Antwerp Sportpaleis stage in a dazzling live show. The Ketnet musical series tells the story of Caroline Timmers and her quest in life based on the timeless Dutch classics given a new, modern look especially for the series.

10.45pm on VRT 1, until the fireworks, and then it can be watched again.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

film. Christmas in Florida. It would have been comfortable, beautiful and warm. However, little Kevin misses the plane and lands in New York. Fear strikes his heart, because how could he, a boy, live alone in such a big and dangerous city? Fortunately, he has his father's credit card in his pocket and sees the opportunity to book a room at the expensive Plaza Hotel. Kevin is not alone in New York. Thieves Harry and Marv are also in the area, as they have coincidentally moved their operating area to the Big Apple.

At 8.30pm on VTM.

Night at the museum

film. Things are not going well for clumsy, unemployed Larry Daley. His wife has left him, his son Nick doesn't trust him, and if he doesn't find work quickly, Larry is in danger of losing his home. He reluctantly took a job as a night watchman at the Natural History Museum. But strange things happen during his first night shift: the entire collection comes to life and causes complete chaos in the museum. Larry immediately wants to end the matter, but a wax statue of President Teddy Roosevelt convinces him to stay and make sure not a single museum piece is lost.

8.50pm on VRT 1.


Displays. VRT 1 welcomes in the New Year with beautiful fireworks, live from Antwerp.

00:00 on VRT 1.

leave the world behind you

Sandra Bullock had success on Netflix in 2018 with the apocalyptic “Bird Box,” and now her co-star Julia Roberts is also taking her chance with an apocalypse movie. In Leave the World Behind, Amanda and her family spend a weekend at a luxury villa, but they don't have much of a good time. First the TV goes off, then there's a herd of deer in the park, then the owners come home with news that the community is about to collapse due to a cyberattack. A mystery thriller that would probably have received more acclaim than “Bird Box” at the time. “Leave the World Behind” is based on the popular book by Rumman Alam and directed by Sam Esmail, the man behind the hit series “The Master.” Robot'. He previously collaborated with Roberts on the equally brilliant “Homecoming.”

On Netflix.

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I think you should leave

Tim Robinson continues to build on his unique and incomparable world with the third season of the silly sketch show I think you should leave. Stand up for funny parodies Love Island And other dating shows, look out for characters who, amidst all the madness, also radiate tremendous sadness.

On Netflix.

White House Plumbers

Yes Secretary, Cum, thick of it, years and yearsYes, Until 16: We don't easily say no to good political satire. So it was something to look forward to White House Plumbers A five-part miniseries about the “Plumbers” played by Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, who had to do everything in their power to ensure Richard Nixon's re-election. Their duties also included robbing the Democratic Party office. We all know how that ended thanks to the Watergate scandal. The director is David Mandel, who directed the last three seasons of the series vice president Produced and co-written Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld And Curb your enthusiasm. So this has to end better than that infamous robbery.

On streams.

Someone somewhere

There are no big stars, no evocative synopsis, and no amazing scenes. However, the first season of Someone somewhere It was among the best we saw last year. A small but very beautiful series about some loners and strangers living in a town somewhere in the middle of the United States. Among all these colorful characters is Sam, played by Bridget Everett, who also wrote the series. Troubled by the past, she finds a place and herself again. She produces wonderful slices of life, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and always exquisitely beautiful. Season 2 continues on the chosen path, with seven relatively short episodes once again.

On streams.

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