April 21, 2024

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Young Spirit Ostend starts a new working year

Young Spirit Ostend starts a new working year

The first activity of Young Spirit Oostende’s new working year took place last week at the De Takel Youth Center in Elisabethlaan in Mariakerke. The members of this young association are educated teens who are given the opportunity to engage in Christianity in a playful and meaningful way.

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“Young Spirit Oostende wants to offer young people who are searching for meaning a place where they can grow, meet other young people, participate and thus shape their Christian identity,” says Chancellor Johan Verwijk. “At the start of Young Spirit 2021-2022, some new faces have appeared from Mariakerke, Stene, Konterdam and the city center. Others have already tasted the Young Spirit show Oostende last year. Guest speaker Paul, named after one of the apostles, took the word.” Relax after a day frantic study” told young Christians in Ostend how he was touched – literally – by the man who turned his life upside down. He has heard a voice calling for him to testify about Jesus all over the world, including here in Ostend. This year, Paul is going out with a spirit of youth, but he Not alone. Moderators Pedro Ayala, Fred Wamari, Hoan Pham, Kristin Decroos and I are now ready every Tuesday evening for necessary games, but also with a listening ear. Once a month, members and moderators delve into a particular topic and there is really time to celebrate,” continues Johan. “The hostel space provides a space for young people who want to unwind after a noisy (school) day or week. Stay away from a society that places tremendous pressure on people, including young people. Young Spirit Oostende also participates in many activities organized by IJD, the youth service in Our diocese.Lisa de Zotter, a staff member at the International Institute for Justice and Democracy, briefly explained to our youth what they meant to us and to the Prefecture’s Youth Pastoral Service. The teens got to know each other better by having a snack and a drink. After that we enjoyed a peat cocktail. Finally, there was an evening speech and prayer,” according to Johann Werwijk. You can visit Young Spirit Oostende’s Facebook page. Anyone who wants to become a member pays €10 and is therefore also insured for upcoming activities. (BVO) Info: 059 70 22 19 or [email protected].

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