May 28, 2024

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Your Samsung Smartphone Gets Android 11 Feature Without Android 11

Your Samsung Smartphone Gets Android 11 Feature Without Android 11

If you have a Samsung smartphone with at least Android 6.0 or higher, you will soon be able to access an important function. This applies not only to phones from the South Korean manufacturer. Every Android smartphone with at least version 6.0 on board can count on the important change.

With every version of Android, Google makes the operating system more secure. One way to do this is to grant permissions or rights (called “permissions” in English). You can indicate for each application or service which functions of your smartphone or tablet it can or cannot access.

Android 11 exclusive feature

And with the release of Android 11 Google went a step further. The operating system automatically revokes the permissions granted when you have not used apps for a long time. This way you can be sure that these apps will not steal your data if you forget that you installed them once on your smartphone.

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This feature is now coming to devices from Samsung and other phone manufacturers that don’t run on Android 11 (or later). It will happen from December. Then, for example, Galaxy devices can count on Android 11 functionality, while they don’t necessarily need Android 11 as an operating system.

New Samsung feature and more

The new condition for automatic withdrawal of granted rights is that your Samsung device is running Android 6.0. It can also be a smartphone from another manufacturer. Google released this update years ago, so there is a very good chance that your smartphone or tablet will also run on this version.

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sticking here What are the conditions Until now. The device in question (from Samsung or another manufacturer) must support Google Play Services. Also, the respective apps must support Android 11, otherwise the checkout will not happen automatically. Then you have to manually arrange that in the app settings.

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Your Samsung Smartphone Gets Android 11 Feature Without Android 11

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