April 17, 2024

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You're also paying for a Conrad Jansz Lambo…

You're also paying for a Conrad Jansz Lambo…

Glenn Janssens He had a successful business selling traffic lights for many years. Hence his nickname “Signal Emperor”. The man does not hate the touch of glamor and loves to show off fast cars and beautiful women. This is how, among other things, A Bentley He was married to Former Miss Belgium Ilse de Meulemeesterwho gave him a son Conrad Donated. The young man recently turned 22 years old and this was celebrated with a fabulous party attended by stars and champagne flowing freely.

But the big thing was, of course, this A gift from my father:Bright green character Lamborghini Urus Its value is not less than 245,000 euros. In fact, for many people, this is a dream car that they will never be able to afford. But for the Janssen family, this is actually simple, because the business is doing very well.

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Konrad Janssens

Earn gold with section checks

a company TRAVEROAD Glenn Janssens is full of capital. In fiscal 2022, the shares were worth €19 million, and the manager turned around Profits of 3.3 million euros Outside. Since 2018, Janssens has managed to collect a total of €11 million in dividends, and his company G-Force Group also owns €35.8 million in shares. So not bad.

This is good to know He wins Not much is achieved by selling traffic lights, but mainly by exploiting them Section checks. Trafiroad is part of the alliance with Macq Mobility and Intouch A bowlwhich has cooperation with 35 municipalities To automatically control the speed on their roads. Each one fine his buisnes commission by 24 euros Go to the three companies in Tas.

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Path control

Please Conrad

That's a lot of money that will add up quickly and that's what it means Every citizen In the country where he was caught during a speed check conducted by Taas, in fact And I contributed To very expensive Lambo Which Konrad Janssens got from his father. Thank you, Belgian motorist! The slogan applies here as well: one man's death is another man's bread.

Conclusion: We hope Conrad enjoys his beautiful car and may now be more attentive to department checks in our country.


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