March 4, 2024

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YouTube without ads on your Android phone?  That's how you do it!

YouTube without ads on your Android phone? That's how you do it!

If you don't have a YouTube Premium subscription, you're probably used to being bombarded with commercials between videos. Although you can bypass this on PC using an ad blocker, it's not that easy for iOS and Android apps. ReVanced was recently introduced. This is an unofficial and modified version of the YouTube app that allows you to block ads, among other things. In this article we explain how the application works.

Install ReVanced Manager and Vanced MicroG

You'll first need to download a few apps, starting with ReVanced Manager. You can't find this in the regular Google Play Store, but you have to download the “apk” file (as the app installation file is called) via This GitHub page to install. In addition, you have Vance Micro G Necessary, otherwise you won't be able to sign in with your Google account.

Once downloaded, you'll need to install both apps. This is only possible on Android devices, but starting with iOS 17.4, it is also possible to “sideload” iOS apps on iPhones. However, this requires developers to create “ipa” versions of these apps, because iOS works with a different file structure. At the time of writing this article, these files are not yet available, which is why we only write about APK files in this article.

If you haven't installed an APK file before, you'll first need to allow installations from unknown sources in your phone's settings. Then open ReVanced Manager and grant the app the necessary permissions.

Download the necessary YouTube app

In addition to ReVanced Manager, you also need the APK file from YouTube. You have to use a specific version of YouTube, which is why you can't get it from the Google Play Store. It automatically installs the latest version via app stores. on the site APKMirror You can safely download older APK versions from YouTube.

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The specific APK version you need changes regularly. To know which version you need, it's easiest to first install the YouTube version from the App Store. Then open Revanced Manager, go to Pitcher And press Select an application. There you will see the YouTube app, with the recommended APK version below. Find this version on APKMirror and download the file under “(Display) DPI” com. nodpi Situations. Then delete the YouTube app you installed from the App Store.

Also important: Once you download the APK file, you should not install it right away. After downloading, go directly to Select an applicationsection in the ReVanced Manager application and click storage. Find the newly downloaded YouTube APK file here (file name starts with “”).

Choose the corrections you want

Then it's time to merge the “patches”. These are the edits you can make to the YouTube app. There are a lot of different patches available (many of which are already automatically scanned). In addition to patches that block ads, you can also install a patch that allows sponsor speech in videos to be automatically skipped.

Additionally, you can integrate some features that are usually only available to paid Premium subscribers, such as the ability to use the mini player in the background, or download YouTube videos. You can keep the default selection, but it may also include corrections you don't want, such as those that remove all YouTube comments or hide all short videos.

If you want to choose which modifications to make or not, you have to go to the Revanced Manager Settings Go and Allow changing the patch selection sign.

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If you do this, you will see a warning that “unexpected problems” may occur. This is because there is one patch you should use in any case: com. GMSCore. Without this patch other patches will not work. When finished, press Finished And then Patch. It may take some time for the installation to complete; Do not close the application in the meantime. If the process is successful, the button will appear at the bottom right of the screen Steady To stand. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions.

You should now have the modified YouTube app installed and you're done. If you want, you can also make some changes via the YouTube app settings. At the bottom of the settings page there are some specific ReVanced options, with which you can, for example, specify exactly what type of ads you want to hide. If you have the SponsorBlock patch installed, you can also choose specifically what type of sponsors are blocked. You can also decide how to skip it: automatically or using the “Skip” button that appears on the screen during the sponsor segment.


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