June 13, 2024

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10 HA Booster Serum for winning ELLE.be

10 HA Booster Serum for winning ELLE.be

serums Increase effectiveness It is your beauty ritual and therefore essential. Thanks to its light and fluid texture, it is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a creamy texture targeted And Adult practical.

Serums are skin care products that are rich in active ingredients. With its light texture, it penetrates deeply into the skin. The serum is somewhat similar to one Booster It treats certain skin problems. Just think of dryness, brown spots and blemishes from acne, wrinkles and other signs of aging, redness, dull skin, loss of firmness…

HA Booster serum from urig It includes 1.5% purity And Natural hyaluronic acid. It works on all signs of dehydration (lines, skin discomfort, sallow complexion…). In addition, it is suitable for everyone generation It works gently on sensitive skin. Its rich formula unites marshmallow flowers To soften and soothe the skin, a the couple of hyaluronic acids that provide firmness and Aquaxyl For more hydration. This unique configuration has 3 in 1An effect that visibly increases skin elasticity and firmness.

How do you use the serum?

  • bring it Serum Skin to clean, if possible, still damp. This makes the product more easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Warm two to three drops in your hands if you only want to treat your face, take four to five drops if you’re also treating your neck and chest.
  • Apply the serum by pressing gently, moving your hands from the center of your face outward. Finally, make smoothing movements in the direction of the neck.
  • This is followed by a face cream that complements the serum.
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The serum provides a reinforces of hydration and glowing skin Hence, it definitely deserves a place in our beauty routine.

Join us and try one of the ten HA Booster Serum To win:

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This article was written in close collaboration with Uriage.be.
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